Self-Improvement – 3 Ways to Get Faster – 1) Focus 2) Focus 3) Focus

When I emphasize my work, I'm doing well and achieving my goals.
When I focus on my business, I generate cash flow and achieve my financial goals.
Achieving my financial goals is nothing but achieving my goals.

Both actions are competitions and I am good at competitiveness. I'm almost always in competition because I focus on my goal and am willing to pay a bigger price than my competitors.
I understand I'm not so much about having the desire to work – everyone wants to work – but have the willingness to prepare to work.
Preparation is all that not.

Have the will to win is a will, but preparing to work is needed.
What is a chance without preparation? Nothing but a chance to waste.
It's only when the readiness meets the chance of an explosion and something exciting takes place.

Get physically ready to work. A consistent exercise plan will improve your health, improve your efficiency and improve your disposition.
Get spiritually prepared to work. Work plans, work to work and hopes to work are all prerequisites for work.
Get emotionally ready to work. Heart Master is a heart filled with the belief that you can win. All work in the world will not carry you to victory, you must believe before you can reach.

Read. Study. Prepare. Then practice. Practice. Practice. And exercise. Then compete and work.
To generate revenue and build your business:
Develop financial intelligence.
Develop system of intelligence.
Develop emotional intelligence.
Then rule and break the competition.
Do not play to compete in sports or trade, play to work.
Leave the platitudes for losing.

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley


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