Self Improvement – 3 things to start doing this year

Self-Improvement Tips for 2011

Are you the only one in your family or friend who everyone comes for work? Have you been called the vandalist or yes the man / woman? Is the title, superwoman or go to boy, familiar with you? These titles can often seem attractive because they can be considered to belong to someone who is very responsible but often those who are proud of these titles are solving the problems of others they rarely do.

We've all heard of superwoman syndrome, but so many are great and people do it all and never take the time to do anything. Day after day, I met men and women who continue to neglect the importance of self-esteem. This is usually more common in women than men, but little has I noticed an increase in single-parent homes, as people do it as well.

My purpose today is to educate readers about ways to maintain self-defense even if a superman or a woman has to conquer. So here are 3 tips on how to take care of yourself this year.

Learn to Say No

This is very hard for those who have a reputation to keep everyone happy and make life easy for everyone else, but the truth is to set goals with others is a great self-defense technique, but it also does Other people can admit you have limitations and can not do anything.

If you've always been a man / woman you may find that people around you do not take anything from you so well. Keep in line with setting goals and they will soon be recognized for new ones. Practice saying no, because if this is not an ordinary way to respond to others, then this will feel very uncomfortable for you. Do not worry, it will be easier over time.

Schedule time alone

With all the hustle and bustle of today, we often forget to just take our time. I suggest timing at least 10-20 minutes to self-reflect, pray, read a book, or turn off programs. Talk to your family so that each person can respect for the moment and maybe they will decide to take time too. Obviously, only time can not be taken all day because we have daily responsibility but short breathing is necessary.

Make time for fun

Remember when you were a kid and laugh was just a part of life? For some reason we have the tendency to grow up and become fans. Allow you to laugh. In fact, you allow to laugh at yourself. Once again plans come into play. Make a plan to watch a comedy or just do something that brings you joy. Do it for fun and keep track of how your legal outlook will change.


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