Self-help, self-sufficiency and personal development – Why do we need to retrain

Think about a fictional or mythical search. At the end of the story, heroes and heroes are usually changed in some way, transformed, improved. But rarely find the mythical keyword & # 39; It is responsible for this positive transformation. Rather, there are many experiences that adventurers encounter on the way.

In other words, it's not the destination that adds them, but the trip.

It is worth bearing in mind when looking for self-help, self-reliance and personal development. The search for self-help products should not be seen as a way to end, but as an experience in your own right. The trip is as important (and, quite possibly, more important than) the destination itself.

We have a very real way to explore our own personality, our strengths and weaknesses as we navigate through virtual shelves in the online self-esteem market. Too often, we treat the search for self-help products as a religious work. We put our faith on behalf of the hour's assistant, who claims to be able to improve our lives in (usually) only seven days. When these products fail to fully deliver their general outrageous demands, our faith is often broken.

The solution to this is to focus on the journey, focusing on us and not putting our faith on the hands of others.

This is not to say, we should leave independent products. On the contrary, in fact. A trip needs a destination, after all. We should try everything to improve and develop ourselves: hypnosis, the law of attraction, binaural beats, realism, vision, confirmation, election law … all. And we should take something away from each product, from every experience, from every little adventure we get along our way to our amazing journey of self-esteem. And like heroes and heroines of great search, we find ourselves transformed by the journey itself.


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