Self-esteem – warfare of your weaknesses

Are you fighting personal weaknesses? We all have them, to varying degrees. Whether it's a little bad habit like nailing your nails, or something more pronounced like depression or anxiety, we have all the problems in our lives that we want to work out. Each of us has something about us that we would happily change or improve – if only we knew how.

The problem with most "self-sufficiency" methods

Go through a bookstore and you'll probably see millions of self-help titles, promising to fulfill life if you just follow the author " s program. But if the books and applications are so successful, why do people keep returning to the stores for more? Which bills for millions of repeat buyers, who do not seem to find happiness, performance or fulfill the latest self-help plan?

The problem is not the application, but the approach. By investing all your hopes and energies into one idea or similar ideology, you do not give yourself enough opportunity to succeed.

War of your weaknesses

Self-sufficiency is a battle. Every time sometimes there is a fierce war against your enemies – bad habits, your weakness or limiting your faith. This inner spiritual war should cook with no power but the final settlement on the battlefield. To make sure that you manage to defend all your weaknesses, you must try to use all sorts of powerful weapons on your enemy. Just like in the war there are land, air and sea measures … you must eliminate your weaknesses both consciously and subconsciously. Restrict yourself with one help … confirmation for example … is no more intelligent than a gun weapon in the face of the enemy.

Develop and Take Care of Your Arsenal

Turn right for battle and you will definitely eliminate your weaknesses. To ensure success, you must …

  • Keep a direct and accurate control of your conscious thoughts and actions
  • Encourage editing your subconscious minds, the same cost
  • Surround yourself like mentally and inspiring friends
  • ] Developing a physical body that can take the world
  • Growing Positive Attitudes
  • Creating a Physical Environment and Workplace That Promotes Successful Work

The battle can be long and difficult and never without accident. But fight your weakness with power and virility, and you'll be successful in regaining your life. I've been through it all by myself, and I can tell you about experience – the reward that fulfills life is the worth of all sweat and tears in the world.


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