Self-esteem is a step toward integrity

Awareness is an important factor in survival. We focus on being aware of our environment, current events, and even things that are not real benefits. So why not make it aware of our inner part of our being, which would make for a peaceful, happy and central existence.

Self-consciousness is a very important concept, especially if there are specific goals that we aim for and the challenges we are trying to overcome. Self-awareness is easily identified as knowing oneself by performing complete and honest self-assessment. There are some questions that you should ask yourself to begin self-knowledge analysis. You should first ask yourself what raises your emotions, whether they are positive or negative emotions. It is very important to recognize emotions and to monitor how they affect your body language and verbal responses. Specific answers may indicate that in some cases there are unresolved issues that you need to work on. If you have feelings of jealousy or anger, acknowledge it instead of brushing it over or giving it to another. Believe me, true feelings show differently, whether it's through your reaction to the human or body language that accompanies the feeling.

However, if you make it a point to acknowledge emotions and ask yourself why you feel this way. Then you're more likely to unforgettable something about yourself you've never realized. The problem of not acknowledging all your being is that you can not change what you do not confirm. Therefore, you remain in a state of denial and develop the facade. The facade is a representation of you that is incorrect and causes you to be false, not just others but your own. Some of us like to think that the problems that occur at work, in the social environment and in relationships are to teach other participants. Rarely we value our role in this situation and how we could allow more favorable departure. It seems to be a bit easier to put a blame than to take a blame.

The discovery of self is a continuous and continuous process that sometimes can be painful as hidden items are gradually uncoovered. But when the trip has started, you have more feelings about inner peace, happiness and integrity. However, it will have a positive impact on all aspects of your social and personal relationships.


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