Self-esteem – Introduce your creativity in the latter part of life

We all have creativity. As children, we use and delight in our creativity. One of the cruelties of adulthood is to neglect our creativity. Life will be occupied by keeping professionals, raising children, meeting the demands of daily life. As a result, our natural creation lies asleep.

There are ways to reproduce yourself creativity and joy in life. We all need a sense of utility and purpose. A sense of a leading life that gives us meaning. Usually after age 50, the inner desire is to resurrect the understanding of excitement, joy and meaning in our lives. This little voice is about to start entering our sleepy things and bring it forward. By accepting losing your creativity, you can break predictable and add new dimensions to your life.

When I see her 93-year-old mother, she is usually crocheted. At the age of 86, she discovered the joy of croaking afghan. She now makes Afghan for an ever-increasing number of great children. She will say that crocheting makes her feel useful. Although her memory is not available, utility and creativity are always available.

How can you revive your creativity? You can go for a walk and open your eyes and ears to everything that surrounds you. Look at the houses – what style are they, do they have gardens? Is the wind blowing? What do you see? You are already opening yourself to experience a new one in your life. You must cultivate your senses. Most of us have a busy challenging life and it's easy to stop seeing what's around us. What about taking another walk? Go to the street you usually do not go. What do you see

Here are five ways to rebuild your creativity.

1. Try your environment
a) Stop and smell the roses
b) Attention to what makes you feel amazed and excited
c) grow your senses

2. Create energy for you
a) Eat a healthy nutritious food
b) Evaluate your body – practice
c) Develop a positive attitude

3. Live in the present
a) create a new mindset
b) not the past or the future now
c) accept yourself as perfect in the present

4. Take your hobbies on
a) What did you use as a child and a teenager
b) are things you have wanted to try – a new recipe, gardening, etc.
c) Your creation will burst from within – when you get an idea to take action

5. Discover what you like to do
a) try different things until you click on what makes you happy
b) there's no boredom when you enjoy what you're doing
c.) With To take action, you will rediscover your creative side.

Creation is a human need. We tend to think creativity is only for artists, musicians, writers, athletes, inventors, chefs, etc. These people we adore for their special gifts. We all have our own gifts. By tapping into our creativity, we lose our lives.


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