Self-Changing and Encouragement – Who Do You Think?

The need for self-esteem and motivation is often one of the biggest starting points in the whole "how to change your life." But before we go further with self-esteem and motivation, keep pause and reflect for a while.

What's really connected here?

First, "I am self" and that this "self" I have is inadequate, not fully functional or in any way necessary to improve.

Secondly, I need to encourage myself to change my life, and this is often because it's part of me (or maybe some things) that do not really want to see "self-sufficiency" and are Indeed, very happy how things are now thank you very much for!

Let's deal with another issue, why do you need help on how to encourage you? Why can not you decide to do something and just do it? What do you stop?

There is a "elephant in the room"!

The Internet has a lot of "self-help" content – articles, books and courses on "how to encourage you". Endless advice, tips, tricks and lists of "independent tips for tips".

However, in my opinion, and based on my own experience and experience of my experience, this loses everything.

Who do you think you are (and why)?

Let's look more about yourself in this business about sustainability and encouragement.

If you could devote enough time to the query: "Who am I?" – or if you do not have time but you are ready to take the word of those who have been doing this question – at least as a hypothesis at work – what you want to find is that there is no detached "me" in the sense that I as " stand alone party "that differs from everything and everyone else.

I've been in this line of inquiry myself – as of the products of highly tested conditions that have continued for many months and years – and it's quite scary (but absolutely liberating) to see all the songs as "I'm peeled in away.

So if I asked you now, "Who are you?" What would immediately pop into the head: "mother", "wife", "former husband", "manager of", "director", "free thinker "," free spirit ", etc.?

The thing is, if you continue with this and look deep enough in your endless quest to try to" find yourself "(makes this sound familiar?) All you find is a lot of ideas about me, thoughts that I have ideas, ideas and pictures of me – all the stuff that make up "how I see myself" and defines my "self-image."

When thinking about the thought concept of crustaceans, it's that you find a ð there is nothing but "operating system" largely automatically pre-programmed thoughts and answers that lie behind the bones we like to think of "me".

There is no need for improvement!

It's just a big bundled software that we can update, tweak and reinstall!

As with any computer system, it's very useful to have some insight and understanding of how the hardware works, how the software runs, and also some understanding of the operating environment.

Or putting it in a traditional language, it is useful and smart to have knowledge and experience and learn about processes and methods "how to change your life" and to have access to some transformation tools and processes that can facilitate this change.


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