Self-Changes – Take care of the little things that bother you

When we are having trouble monitoring the goals we set for us, it may be time to try another approach. It may be that our energy is zapped by little things we have not taken care of.

Most of us have learned to endure a lot. Some of what we do because we have been taught not to do the waves or talk to others we did not get to do. This might be like not putting something away, having a messy home and working environment, asking for an extension of the income tax filing date, no sewing a button or not monitoring what we say we will do. All of these endurance take energy because they keep on thinking. A little unfinished tolerance is energy saving. In order to get more energy to meet larger goals, it can help to take care of less unseen or unfinished things first.

Here are seven useful tips to take care of the little things you are installing:

1. Take out pencil and paper and write down twelve items that you want to eliminate from your energy list.

2. Cross those who want to take more than 15 minutes to reach. If you've reviewed them all, start again until you have five in your list.

3. It's important that you have things that you know you can handle relatively quickly. The reason is that you want to take care of eliminating some of your energy dryers.

4. By choosing five, you can do them for a week. You want to commit to yourself to reach five.

5. Do this exercise for a month. After a month, you have taken care of 20 items you've been putting up with. If you want to take a few more than 15 minutes – either make it a 15-minute chunk or at a time. Your commitment is to take care of 20 items that have been draining your energy.

6. By taking smaller action data, you are strengthening your ability to take you seriously.

7. At the end of the month, add more items and decide which commitment you want to follow. The stronger your commitment is on your own, the greater your success will be to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


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