Self-approval through approval

Live the following words and everything else will follow. Change what you can change and accept what you can not change. Of course, we also need wisdom to see what things are changing and who should accept that we can not do anything about it.

The acceptance of which you can not change will strengthen you in many ways. No time will be wasted by fighting battles that can not be won. You will restore the power of the laughter. As you release a little control, your humor finds your way back to your life.

I have a friend who is self employed. She has many ways she uses to earn income. One way is a small business where she puts vending machines in different offices. One day last week, she found out that a big company that gave all her sprouts had burned down. So no cracks for a moment and loss of income for a while. The same day, she realized that a major working group was trying to complete cheap imports from China. This came a week after she had received one distribution facility for the area to sell Chinese kitchen equipment. I expected her to fall apart. Instead, she called me to laugh that she could not believe that so many things could go wrong and look forward to finding out what would be next because all bad news came thirty. What she chose to do was to publish more office buildings that would be ready to host some of her vending machines and she received three very good ways the following day. And she said to me, "The Lord goes away, and Lord gives." It's a good example of accepting that you can not change and handle what you can.

Another way in which confirmation can help you improve your life is to make excuses for people. Early in the morning you encounter another driver who seems to be experiencing some kind of roadbreak by either running very fast or trying to object to you by driving too close, instead of getting angry and cooking his anger, possibly that he just found out there are solutions at his workplace or it's in trouble with his family. By agreeing that your life is doing well and realizing that some other people might be more troubled, you prevent yourself from entering into conditions that may have bad consequences. Do not underestimate the power in sympathy.

There are many more ways to improve your personal life and the taste is to start with the little things you can change. By changing your attitude and changing your responses to certain circumstances, we will definitely help you achieve more peaceful minds within the chaos that we face daily in our lives.

The web is a wonderful source of ideas and information about self-esteem . As we read about what other people are experiencing in their daily lives, we can feel how blessed we are truly.


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