New technology to make the "secret" for you!

The law of attraction is a hot topic these days since the movie "The Secret" has made a splash. Yes, our thoughts truly become our reality. Only for the people is a little problem. It is that we have two different thoughts that both become our reality and they are very often in conflict.

You know what experience I'm talking about. Do you have tasks like writing a book or setting up a website and you've been planning to do it for a long time, but somehow other items just appear to be at the top of the priority list and that important task just is not done? It's like some invisible power to keep you from fulfilling your dream.

Do you sometimes have an insight into something and DO NOT work just to find later that your intuition was right and you could just kick yourself out of following it?

Everyone has these and other types of internal conflict and for most people it is so common that they live life more as a product of their condition than the type of powerful self-compression that they would really like to experience in their lives. What's happening here?

We all have dreams and desires. These are thoughts about what we want to do, become and have. And then we have a kind of thoughts that are all the reasons, fears or doubts as to why it will not happen as we want it. These thoughts also become our reality and because they contradict our actual desires and intentions, they tend to prevent and entertain what we really want. That seems what we do not want to happen. It's annoying to say at least and for the people it seems very difficult to overcome.

While such internal conflicts between what we want and all our other "negative thoughts" happen most of the time for people, we are sometimes lucky and craving without sabotaging it. Everyone has had the experience of wishing something and then forgetting it and without doing anything to fulfill the desire, what you just wanted to appear, without any effort on your part. It's great when it happens!

The problem is that this is the exception rather than the rule. It only happens often for people. It happens mainly when we do not like thoughts that are contrary to what we want. What if this could happen more often, even if it happens all the time?

The challenge is that the method of having the opposite thoughts that are doubts, fear and optimization does not seem to be able to be controlled. They only appear when we do not try to have them. This is because they are deeply conditioned in us. We have learned to be very capable of thinking against the thoughts without realizing that we do it.

If you doubt what I'm saying here, I just point out that this is really the same to doubt I was just describing!

Think about the following experience and see if you can contact. You may probably or at least sometime know someone who has experienced this experience.

As children find many of our things about our parents we do not like very much. We could even swear to ourselves that we will never be like this when we grow up. As we grow up at some point, we may notice that we do the same thing we dislike about our parental behavior. This is the power of facilities. It simply has to happen. It goes with the territory to be human. There is no defense against it.

The problem with our most condition is that it came from our parents. This is not a parent cluster. They are not really to blame. After all, they were just products of their tools. But the vast majority of parents were also very clever to have internal conflicts between what they wanted and learn, the conditions of their response to fear, doubts, optimization, etc. The model that shapes the way we think and respond to life will tend to have the fundamental problem of continuing internal conflicts that are in it. This does not support showing your dreams. It does not tend to leave you to actually believe in law attraction because it does not seem to work for you.

What does not work is that all thoughts are supported by nature laws, not just those you want to support. Nature is responding to possible thinking concepts as your wishes and the result is deaths.

While you can not escape by becoming a state when you are young, it does not mean that it is not possible to change now. To date, it has been thought that changing this kind of situation is very difficult. In fact, it has been for people. So much that the majority of people are not interested in all the work and work it has taken in the past to make the head of being able to have desires and intentions without sabotaging them with opposing doubts, fears and intellectual.

What if it was a breakthrough in technology that made it as easy to get rid of our habits with conditional thinking and drag files into the trash can on your computer or running anti-virus software. Well, guess what? Someone has figured out how to do it.

Technical breakthrough that makes this possible called WaveMaker (TM) and it brings together some fascinating discoveries and innovations. If you have seen or tried "headphones headphones" (Bose, Sony, Sharper Image, etc.) then you will also understand this trend.

Stereo headphones record the sound wave in the environment with a microphone built into the headset. Then it runs the waveform noise through a special cycle that's about it. The electronic device creates a "reflection" noise and then transmits it to the ear at the same time as noise reaches the ear. What happens? Well, if you've tested one, you know what's going on. Noise gets wiped out. You do not hear it. It's not just a good isolation of your ears from noise. Energy pattern noise is literally wiped out with its own electronic reproduced reflection. This is using a principle of physics called a wavebreak.

What can we apply the same physical principle to the "noise" situation that damaged our intentions and desires? What if we "uncheck" our internal software and clear our negative self-communicating internal thinking?

It's exactly what WaveMaker does. The cool discovery that is based on WaveMaker is that when we think about something, the energy patterns of thought will be present in our electromagnetic field. Everything is made of energy. Our thoughts are energy patterns. We can see energy with EEG machines. This energy is very weak, but it is in our composite electromagnetic field.

The WaveMaker sets up ultra fine power patterns and turns them into electronics, such as noise-sensitive headphones, anticlockwise waveforms. Then WaveMaker sends energy back to the body with a cable and copper rod called a connector and the inverted wave meets and stops the source of the source.

It's very like opening a file on your computer before you delete it to see that it's the file you want to delete. When you double-click the file, it opens in the RAM (random access memory) of the computer. This is an active memory of your computer because it has access to data and since the data can be edited, deleted, saved to disk, etc.

Like this, when we properly describe the habit or condition you want to Change, when you take the thought of the situation in your sense, it's like moving it into your active memory. Now you can edit or delete WaveMaker. It's a bit like having anti-virus software to debug your own personal internal software.

So what happens? What happens is that energy patterns state and habit get to wipe out. The experience that people say is that sometimes the problem caused by the situation disappears. In fact, the problem often decreases too. In other respects, the person is still aware of the old route, but they are found distant from it, away from it so that it is not unconscious, a default practice. Instead, there is a feeling of being able to choose a new way of being. It's really a good idea to blow. People are reporting things like getting a more real change in their lives from several WaveMaker meetings than 10-20 years of traditional treatment. Lifeguards, therapists and advisors are classified to learn how to use WaveMaker as customers rave about the speed and depth that it helps them get unstuck. In contrast, people explain solutions to problems they had all their lives and could not solve another way. They also very quickly announce their ability to make intentions and desires simply happen, is getting better and better all the time. They do not want their wishes damaged by inner opposing thoughts and feelings anymore. This allows them to ultimately live the power of "The Secret" in their own lives.


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