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There are many myths about addiction. This is my attempt to clear some of them up.

One of the most popular myths is the one who claims to have a positive addiction for you. There is no such thing as positive addiction, addiction is self destructive and always lead to adverse effects.

Myth number two and probably the largest; Certain substances are addictive. Well, this is true if you change that sentence to; Certain content * may * or * be * addictive. I explain. After surgery, patients may sometimes receive self-control morphine. Morphine is a formulation of heroin. But most people who rely on morphine after surgery will not be affected. Millions of people smoked marijuana. Relatively few people use it, use it to indicate abuse. Almost everyone has been drinking before. But few have alcoholics because if that. Or what about sex? 99 percent of us have sex at one time in our lives and many of us have sex constantly but we do not develop addiction. And finally, millions of people have experienced cocaine, cracking and other hardnesses. Many become addicts, but not everyone.

The point is that people have not been denied content because of their content, but because of their choice. We have all chosen content. Most of us have tried one or the other to be addictive & # 39; content or activity, yet many of us are still drugs free. Although our brain develops addiction because dependence is created by our brain. This dependence is because certain drugs and activities produce ergonomic amounts of chemicals that make us feel comfortable. Then we stop with the body to produce it naturally, and then we long for the medicine that restores it. The will of power and self-esteem and control are more powerful at the beginning than any addiction. And we all have the ability to change our behavior. The materials do not take you over and make you addictive more than: Cars let you drive and books let you read.

Will anyone using addictive substances become addicted? Not nessacarly, repeated studies have shown that addiction can be hereditary. We know that this does not happen to everyone, more than diabetes occurs in everyone who eats a lot of sugar or food. In many cases, genetics is one factor to determine who develops the disorder.

Addiction can be hereditary. This myth is a little true. It is proven that some have addictive personality & # 39; or have certain personality attributes that an addict might have. We have linked certain genetic attributes to addiction and have shown that certain genes are hereditary. Does this mean addiction is hereditionary? Maybe. There are thousands of people who have had addiction and their parents have never. Many people have serious addiction and have children and the children never form addiction. This is said, badly lets you decide if addiction is hereditary.

I want to share a floating story with these myths.

I once took a public personality test, and the results returned to normal. Your doctor explained a few things to me and thought one important part of my attention; I scored a high level of addictive tendency in the exam. This information was compiled by a computer program, I answered about 1000 different questions and calculated the results. He also warned me of my addiction and advised to closely monitor my actions in the future. Now I fully remembered this advice and thanked him for it. I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with addiction before in my life. I'm young, but have smoked for 3 years (mostly for school popularity) and stopped, as I found it to be harmful. I have also drunk a lot of power many nights. I have been drinking many times but I have no problem. I drink rarley as it is now. I have also tried coke and did it regularly for 2 months along with "binge drinking" and # 39;. This was 2 months after my 18th birthday. Since then I do not usually touch coke and I will probably never return. I have also smoked a crack many times, and have experienced slight extraction and slight addiction. Even after smoking, I could stop when it was a problem, and I've never left anything out of control. I simply tried, lived a little and learned. I, many years later, did not make drugs and drink only socially. I smoke the pot over and over, but not to point to abuse. In the future, I could return to drugs, I could not, but my sense of motivation and motivation to live pleasing natural drugs will always trouble me.

All ideas to suggest that addiction is scientifically proven to occur in the subconscious areas of the brain that is not under conscious control. Addiction is a brain disease that has no cure but can be treated physically. Addicts are everyday normal people with problems other than MPD (multiple personality disorder), bipolar disorder or other disease. Drug abuse is possible and you can achieve a positive and productive life. The choice is to use drugs at the outset. Addiction is avoided, the choice is still with you.

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