Massage addiction – Are you in danger?

As a massager, I work hard to earn repeat customers by offering good service at a price that reflects value for money.

Getting to know customers and likes and dislike over time makes the massage much easier. Massaging is a very personal service so that some skills built over time helps both the massage therapist and the client relax in what is a very enjoyable experience.

Since there is no standard & # 39; Frequency of frequencies, most massage therapists would suggest one massage per month is the usual frequency for repeat clients. You can get more meetings depending on whether you are injuries or health problems.

So what happens when a client starts to book a massage weekly or twice a week, for other reasons than they are just being rubbed and rubbed by you separately. In another profession, a rapid rate of customer welcome. In the world of massages, it can really cause a massage coach.

Could this client be added to a massage? If they are, is this negative?

An individual often associates with what is considered negative habits – smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive gambling, etc. Or is addiction often associated with events that focus on & # 39; of species. Great impact sports, jumping, sky diving, etc. A massage? The act of being spoiled in a bedroom!

If we take it down, we believe our community has become one where we touch & # 39; others are at least avoiding – think of the inconvenience of standing near someone else in the elevator, or how to say "sorry" when they accidentally touch someone on the street (well most of the time). Consider how we get used to how we work in the workplace are very controlled and touching something can indicate sexual harassment. I do not disagree with the need to protect everything in the workplace from any discrimination.

Humanity is being programmed to be social – we search for society and we look for someone else's partner.

Think about a man who is either single or not affectionate and not touched. They wake up and go to work and in each mind they've touched "& # 39; Someone by chance, they apologize.

It is indeed possible that some of our society today will run through all day or even months and never get to "touch" and & # 39; in a positive, healing, path to someone.

Could some use massage as a way to be simply touched? Where does anyone want to be touched on sex, healing, affection?

In a society where touch is avoided, discouraged or legislated, one can see how easily some can become addicted to what its essence is a fundamental human need – touch.


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