Living with an addict – 4 advice for drug addicts

Living an addict is a challenging possibility for a spouse. Your partner is consumed by the desire for the next high or next drink, and is not always fully emotional. You may be able to talk to your family because of various drug problems, ignoring some things that you need to deal with in your own life. It is important to take great care of yourself when you are in partnership with an addict. Here are 4 tips to help you deal with life as a spouse of an addict:

1. Talk it out. A professional counselor specializing in addiction is an excellent resource. This person is trained in common problems related to addiction and can offer valuable insights and perspectives.

2. Participate in the support group of people in similar situations. Groups like Al-Anon are great for finding others to relate to your experiences. It is important to avoid isolation or the sense that no one else understands your struggle. You will receive support and insights to participate in such groups on a regular basis.

3. Stop rescuing and making excuses for your spouse's bad behavior. Bailing your partner out only strengthens the code that is not useful for either an addict or spouse. If you help your partner to avoid consequences, your partner will not be interested in working differently. You only have to make yourself frustrated, frightened and control more about your spouse's behavior.

4. Begin to focus more on your own life and what you dream or seek. Think about your own goals and hopes in life rather than focus on all the destructive behaviors of your life. After your own job will help you to free yourself from feeling stuck in your "saving" spouse and increasing your personal satisfaction. In addition, in what may seem to be paradoxical, what you send to your noise mate will be more likely to make a negative impact on him or her clearly. This allows the addict to take a decision on how to deal with the consequences that he or she faces because of the use.


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