Life is about to choose

Back in our youth days we learned that by being disciplined and learning hard, we got a good grade and would certainly pass the school without fail. That's why, as a kid, we tried our best to work well instead of continuing to play with the neighbor children.

When we became adults, we wanted to choose again. We have to choose what kind of job we would do, what kind of lifestyle we would have, what kind of friends we prefer to hang out with ……. etc. etc..

All the decisions would give us the consequences and results ….. whether it was good or bad. But when it seemed to be bad, we would probably regret it but not choose the opposite …  …

Knowing that there are potentially bad results at the end, we often fear to make a decision. We are afraid to make bad choices.

But are we trying to identify and understand all the circumstances that make it possible for us to make a decision? Do we really listen to our hearts? Did we really take our inner need?

We often neglect these questions that answer. We simply do not understand them.

It is best to learn every consequence we do, no matter how well we do. Try to agree that everything happens is a matter of applying our choices in life. Thus, we can understand our strengths and weaknesses; We will also learn that we can change our lives if we want to. But of course, the change we want will require time to happen. Coz we need to go through the step by step method, which is to choose.

Do not be afraid to make the wrong decisions. Coz from these false choices, we will learn more about ourselves as long as we open our eyes and ears to get to know what really happens. Learn from our mistakes somewhat so you will not get trapped in skepticism and negative thinking. Finally, keep moving on … 🙂


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