Is it God?

Each of us, at one time or another in our lives, has addressed this question. From the Pope to the full, none of us is immune from asking God's existence. However, it is difficult to believe in God. We see God's presence in the face of all mother watching his newborn child. We see God every time a starving person is given by strangers. We see him when tragicy strikes and we came together to help those in need. When a cancer is forgiven, it is God. When failure fails, it's God at work. God is everywhere we look.

Human beings are all born with individual "creativity". We are the most human when we are creative. What the mind can imagine, we can create. We are happiest when we are involved in some creative search. We use this "creativity gene" to manage and change our environment to suit our needs. It is no coincidence that we are happiest when we are creating and feeling about the control of our lives and our future. I like to refer to this "creature genius" as "godseed". In a very real sense, we are all godly because of being a human being. For those who believe in God, the events and circumstances of his life evolve according to God's divine plan. Destiny and destiny are there, predetermined. Every success, mistake, lifestyle, birth, death, illness, recovery and experience are mapped for God's life plan. When I was growing up in the faith of Catholic, I was told "Whether it is God's will, God will be done." The announcement that there is a plan for each of us comforts us like a warm blanket in the cold winter. While hugging sometimes, it creates thought. Believing in God requires that we release the control of our lives to God. How can we give control over our lives to God and at the same time believe that we have control over our lives? If it is God and this God governs our lives, then how can we have real control over the income of our lives? Are not our successes and mistakes in life, all pre-determined or controlled by God? So, it's completely disconnected to believe in God and being a person. How can we have one without giving up others?

The answer is that you can not. You can not believe in God and believe that you control your life. The fact is, God does not control our lives, affects our lives or changes our lives. Each of us has total control over our lives. Our progress and mistakes in life are determined, not by divine units, but by our thoughts following our actions. This only divine person, whatever existence we have come to accept as a fact, can not possibly be if we have to accept that we have every control of our lives. How we live every day determines how our lives develop, not God. Our daily routine, good or bad, are the reasons for our success or mistakes in our lives. If we have adopted a good daily routine and live these good daily habits, we will succeed in our lives. If we have taken bad daily routines and living these bad daily habits every day, we will have a failure in our lives. If our good daily routine is aimed at the goal of becoming rich, we will achieve the goal in our lives. If our good daily routine is aimed at raising children, we will achieve the goal in our lives. If our good daily routine is aimed at becoming a professional tennis player, we will achieve that goal too. That's all in our daily lives. Unfortunately, most individuals are not even aware of good or bad daily routines that they live every day, nor of their consequences. That is the reason why the secret to success is still the secret of most.

Instead of accepting responsibility for the consequences of our lives, we too often seal ourselves around the belief that our attitudes are governed by God. It's God's plan at work. We are poor, bad, neglected, neglected, not because we do something wrong, but because it is God's will. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is our daily routine that determines the outcome of our lives. We are in control of our lives. No one else.


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