International Journal of Stress Management

The International Newspaper Stress Management is a methodical calendar for professionals who take care of personal and workload. The magazine projects "peer-reviewed" first-class original articles including reviews, scholarly, historical and empirical articles, as well as editors and reviews. Some areas of interest include "stress and stress assessment", "stress and shock management", stress management and treatment.

Issued as a quarterly journal, it is also a public edition of the International Risk Management Company or ISMA. ISMA is a non-profit organization committed to "working less stressful world". The institute seeks to promote student and professional education, as well as possible methodological research on a wide range of interdisciplinary stresses, including psychology, dentistry, medicine, physiotherapy, education, occupational therapy, vocational training, industry and psychiatry.

World Trade Organization Stress Management, Issue 4 13 Volume (November 2006), including articles that reflect different issues in stress management at the international level and areas of stress, on top of four subjects specifically aimed at stress in the "police". Some articles contained in this issue are:

Highlighted Consequences of Roleplaying: A Meta-Analytic Review
This article focuses on "partial stress". The article deals with a well-known effect on stress, especially with regard to research on different relationships in relation to stress factors, and regularly cited effects using meta-analysis techniques.

Emotional Disonnance, Burnout and Performance in Nursing and Police Careers
The articles touch two research -101 police officers and 108 nurses tested the suggestion that "emotionally demanding" connections to recipients can lead to emotional immunity. It can then lead to impaired performance and workout. In addition, the authors see that "emotional dissonance" was inconvenient in relation to performance in connection with combustion.

Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in Police Attorneys
The article aims at a current study that deals with symptomatic symptoms of injection site symptoms in "clinical cardiovascular disease" in police officers. The study showed that higher PTSD symptoms in the police sample were associated with nearly double reduction in "mammalian flu blood pressure", which is the organism of "undergrowth of cardiovascular disease."

The World Trade Organization employs professionals in the field of education, psychiatry, psychology, medicine and others "to investigate stress and stress stress". International page management is distributed at hospitals, other clinics and hospitals. The daily subscription rate is $ 75 for organizations and $ 35 for individuals.


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