How to read an independent book

It is known that reading self-help is desirable and positive

feedback in the reader. We are fortunate that there is a group of authors who

have the unique ability to write in a way that sows thought ideas

who encourage those looking for self-esteem to find it. The

reader responds to the desired actions. However, self-help book is not available

ran the same way you could read a novel.

1. Focus on

Read everything you find about those who have been successful at work

in your own field. Also read the success of people of other kinds

work and find a common denominator. Read with your pen or pencil

hand and mark or underline the way you speak.

2. Author as a guide

Read as if the author was a close personal friend and wrote to you –

and you alone. Look at the author as your personal mentor as

Knowledge and wisdom will guide you to achieve your goals.

3. Know what you are looking for.

Admit the principles you need. Follow the example of Abraham Abraham.

When he read, he took time to ponder that he could receive

the principles of own experience.

4. Take action – try the recommended principles.

See how to apply these rules to your own circumstances and put them

ideas in action.

5. Read the general content.

In the first reading you can read the content, to take a sweep flow

thought the book contained. But also take time to emphasize the importance

sentences and to comment on important ideas.

6. Read special attention.

Another reading is for the purpose of taking special information. you

should pay particular attention to seeing you understand and catch

all new ideas that the book shows.

7. Read for the future.

In the third reading, observe routes that have a special meaning

to you. Find ways that they can communicate with problems that you represent or are

likely to face the future. Try new ideas; try them; discard useless and

mark indelible indelible on normal pattern.

8. Read later to refresh your memory and revive your inspiration.

We can become the discourse from time to time. We should read again

Best of our books at such times to resurrect the fire that made us go

first place.


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