How to kill your addiction in 21 days!

I personally know how it is added to something bad. When you are addicted to something good, like exercising or eating healthy, your life is better. But when this addiction is something bad, like porn, alcohol or lie, your life will be miserable. Such bad addiction do nothing to improve your life.

But with addiction, it's possible to save yourself from those things that make your life harder. Someone who is addicted to alcohol can not live. Their life evolves around the bottle. The same thing with porn (both men and women): You plan your day after your addiction. The same thing about drinking soda: you find yourself breaking because you love Dr Pepper more than you have!

Before killing your addiction, you need to understand the following:

  • You have trouble, and it does not matter why you have it (so blame is no excuse!)
  • Give your preferences your choice – you do not have to do it
  • You have the power to say "Yes" or "No" to your addiction
  • Your body is only temporary – if you drop it

It takes about 21 days that someone does or breaks the habit. In this case we want to break the habit (or bad addiction). And I'm sorry to say, but the best way to get rid of bad habits is to stop the cold turkey – temporarily, it is.

In 21 days you can simply choose not to give your preferences. Whether smoking (cigarettes or weeds), sleep with strangers every night, get drunk, gamble, eat candy or something that's alive, just stop it for 21 days.

Now, what are you trying to "warn you" from your poor ways? Well, let me give you an example that people would probably understand:

Allen is a married man with children. He has a problem with pornography. And he likes all kinds of porn: hardcore porn, soft porn, 18+ porn, lesbian porn, you name it. His saliva on all of them.

One day, Allen gets sick of ever giving her addiction. It destroys its wishes for his wife. He can not stop thinking about women naked! His wishes are unmanageable! Then he talks that he would tone it down. I mean, he can not just stop cold turkey. It's impossible!

So, instead of watching hardcore objects on the internet, he decides to look at the shopping cart that his wife gets on occasion. He just looks at things with women in his underwear. No problem. It's not porn. Many of these women are probably mom … hot mom … very hot mamas.

Hmmm, he wondered if these hot mamas have husbands who are aware of what they do. What if their husbands did not know.

Hmmm what would be the porn of unfaithful women?

And before you know, he's back on the computer looking for new porn sites for unbelieving wives.

You can not switch to "Lighter Versions" from strong releases because you are still feeding your addiction. No, maybe you will not drink five times a day, but you are still addicted to your addiction. Perhaps you're just drinking a "diet" instead of using the sugar, but you'll never miss "real stuff" and will return again.

If you have added something, it means you have a weakness for it. The best way to deal with vulnerabilities is to get rid of what you're sick of.

So let's go back to our girlfriend Allen. He needs to stop the porn time. He is a married man and does not have to do other women. So, here's what he's going to do in 21 days:

  • Stop watching the porn time. Look at something naughty, even if it's not "porn" would still add to its addiction
  • Review his eyes when he sees other attractive women
  • Look at another woman's eyes if he's tempted to watch her breasts
  • Do not watch anything on TV that would have women skimping in tight clothes

And for 21 days, this is what he will do:

  • Look at her wife more often when she
  • Finding His Woman The key here is to stop their bad habits cold and create a new habit instead. By doing this he will:

    • Get rid of his own wife
    • Have no interest in other women
    • Get closer to his wife
    • Get rid of his addiction
    • Start living life back

    Now I use an example of porn because it's such a hot topic! But this rule applies to everything. The goal is to stop all you are doing that drives you on your addiction and start doing what will increase your addiction. When something works, it dies. If a woman is addicted to romantic novels and she keeps her from getting rid of her own husband, she has to starve her addiction and start making more things to yearn for her own husband.

    If someone is addicted to alcohol, this person needs to starve this addiction and start changing alcohol with drinks that do something good for the body – as I do not know, water!

    If someone is addicted to certain foods, this person needs to starve this addiction and start a desire for healthier food.

    It's about swallowing your addiction and being aggressive about it. Drugs are not neglected. Addiction is killed! You do not just want to take it slowly. You want to catch it and kill it!

    Listen! If you do not know about weeds, understand that if you do not pull out of the roots, they will grow again! As long as the roots of all plants are untouched, you will see them again. Those roots are still active and waiting for the perfect period to germinate again overnight! You control weeds by getting them rooted so that they will not grow there again. You control your addiction by getting it rooted and killing it.

    And you kill your addiction by stopping it cold. But only temporary.

    Now, why do I just say stop it for 21 days? Well, if you have to stop your drugs, you can think of "forever", and you will return to your old ways. But if you could stop it for a short moment, it gives you hope that you could return to your dependents. However, after 21 days, you do not want to return to your old ways. And everyone could stop doing anything for a short time.

    When I tell you to stop for 21 days, it's the goal to work and plan to work with. During these 21 days, we must do our best to be content with your addiction so that when you take 21 days with you, you feel so relieved from your addicts that you do not want to return. Having a life that is free of addiction is better than life where you have put yourself down. You do not want to live in chains now, what?

    But you might think, "It's easier said than done, man! You do not know what I'm going through!"

    Yes, I'll do it! All addiction is the same way: you get a strong desire and you enter it. Time period. And what makes addiction is that you always make these wishes, even as you make changes to your plan just to give these wishes. But what I say to you is that if you accept the attitude "it's easier said than done" then guess what? You will never lose your addiction. But if your belief is that your addiction has to "get out," you'll conquer your addiction. I do not care what you are addicted to, all addiction work in the same way. And you could kill this addiction in the same way: STARVE IT.

    No more nicotine patches? Do not smoke "lighter cigarettes" or drink less of the "hard stuff". STARVE your addiction. Attach it! Be aggressive! Imagine yourself fighting for your life. Because simplifying yourself, give you temporary relief, but the controls are still there. You grow weeds on stems without getting root, you just do not see the weeds anymore. But while the roots are still in the ground, it will come back – and it could bring some friends too!

    Follow this addiction with vengeance! You do not treat addiction as they are nothing. They Destroy Your Life! Be aggressive with your drugs and get aggressive results!

    Aiyo A. Jones, MS

    NCSF Certified Fitness Trainer


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