How to deal with addiction

One of the first eyes I've opened in clinical practice was experience that occurred many years ago. A young woman was admitted to the hospital. She had complaints about alcoholism. I had to be her doctor. When she was talking to her, it became handsome that the young lady was very intelligent. She had been successful in life. She was professional. She had married well. But she had a lot of trouble in her marriage because of her drinking. Three times before it was taken, she had been treated for various mental disorders for alcohol problems. Each time she went back to drinking. She was treated with a small intake of advisory services every time. Her problems had started when she was robbed about twelve years before. She had not talked to anyone. Perhaps she said she did not tell her about previous doctors. I had the opportunity to work with her rape. She stopped the abuse of alcohol and her life changed.

Addiction can take place in many forms. One can be addicted to alcohol, street medicine, gambling and even sex. In all these tasks, the individual connects either to a buzz or a buckle. Many people start with alcohol consumption to help them sleep. This will become a habit and the man can not control it. It then begins to affect many areas of their life. Finance, social, family and health negligence occurs. Only then is it considered to be addiction & # 39; or "dependent" # 39;. Sexual addiction as an analysis does not exist in psychiatry at the moment. But when a person concentrates only, a dream, activities are some kind of sexual activity, it takes a form of addiction. It may involve chatting with sexes, visiting pornographic images on the Internet, having to participate in intercourse many times a day, visiting and looking for a prostitute and even participating in masturbation many times a day.

If we leave the definition of addiction, there is one addiction that does not classify itself as an addict, a work addiction. When people participate in work or work, it increases their productivity. It's not destructive. Therefore, it does not fit into the drug until it is damaged for various aspects of human life. Internet addiction is a new form of addiction that evolves in developed countries.

People participate in such activities because the activity gives them pleasure or, like drugs, release the excitement. Scientists have a theory that chemical neurotransmitter called dopamine is secreted in brain when we participate in amusement activities. Many drugs like breathing difficulties and LSD are not an ordinary medicine. But people are participating in them to get "buzz & # 39; These are words that many users use to describe the effects of these drugs. The commonly used words are" uppers & # 39; and & nbsp; downers & # 39;. When the nervous uptake becomes excessive, one may decide to take "downer" like opioids (heroin) to slow them down.

People need these activities or materials to help them become quiet. In physiological terms, the body is trying to look for an internal home position (equilibrium) of the system's hormone and nervous system. This system will be interrupted when an individual has undergone an emotional distress or abuse that they can not find. Almost all pharmacists have undergone trauma in life If they have not experienced injuries, they have come from fans.

In these cases they become vulnerable to even minor changes in their circumstances. This happens because they have not been purchased to live independently. Such people tends to play a "victim" role and expect th Tell someone else to get rid of their troubles. So from their subjective point of view, they are shocked.

Misuse can be in the form of physical abuse involving beats and food shortages. It can be in the form of sexual abuse – where a powerful image uses the individual for their own sexuality and their fullness. Misuse can also be emotional in nature. In this case, it may be in the form of negligence, threat or rejection. Almost all addicts have such an abusive background.

Drug treatment has an influence on medical or chemical treatment and also addresses the emotional need for shocks. Non-oral treatment of physical therapy by providing only medical care may not be sufficient. If the cause is not in contact, the discs that lead to addiction to the body change. In the absence of psychiatric treatment, meditation is the best form of treatment offered to sufferers in any type of addiction.


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