How addiction begins

Addiction begins with problems, discomfort or some kind of emotional or physical pain to an individual.

This person is like most people in our society, basically good. But he has problems that cause him physical or emotional pain and discomfort and he does not have an immediate response.

Maybe, as a child or a teenager, he had difficulty "fit in" or lacked communication or scholarly skills. Or maybe there are physical injuries such as broken bones, bad back pain or any other chronic physical condition. Loss of work, career injury, divorce, accident, beloved or simply prolonged boredom and dissatisfaction may be enough to make a person a drug or alcohol.

What is the origin of the difficulty, the inconvenience associated with it, presents the individual a real problem. He believes that his problem is high, persistent and insoluble. Most of us have experienced this type of problem to a greater or lesser extent.

For some of these reasons, some people start using alcohol or addictive drugs. When an individual takes the medicine is uncomfortable light. Even if relief is only temporary, the drug seems to solve the problem. This relief is valuable and thus the medicine or alcohol will be valuable. This value is the only reason that an individual uses drugs or alcohol again.

There are two key factors that determine who becomes an addict and who does not:

1. The first factor is equilibrium pressure.
If there is a discomfort, you must be exposed to drug or alcohol abuse, this pressure allows him to pay medication or alcohol to solve life problems. Peer pressure can come from friends or family or through advertising, television, movies or music videos.

2. Another factor is a valuable relief that the person felt when using the medicine or alcohol.
The bigger the problem, the greater the inconvenience, and the greater the value he allocates that causes relief.

When group pressure combines relief from discomfort or problems, the use of drugs should be accessible and even desirable.

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