Gambling Addiction Statistics, Characteristics and Stories

Drug addiction is a type of addiction that has become more common for online gambling. People suffering from gambling addiction risk their entire lives and are even willing to cheat and steal to continue supporting their habit of gambling. It's a seemingly unmanageable urge that one gets a bet of some kind without weighing the consequences and negative effects it may have on his life or others.


– According to statistics on gambling, about $ 500 billion is spent every year.

– In the United States, about 2.5 percent of adults are considered problem makers

– this type of addiction is the most common among white Americans.

– It is commonly associated with alcoholism

– People with this addiction are more prone to diseases such as depression and fluctuations in fluctuations.

– The divorce rate of drug addiction is more than double that is not playing.

Gambling Addict Symptoms

One of the most prominent warning symptoms of this addiction is the decision. If you hear someone continually setting up casinos or ways to get money to go to the casino constantly, you're likely to watch someone who has or could be serious gambling. People with gambling are stuck and always plan to organize their next tour.

Another indication that someone has a gambling problem is if they seem to be increasing the bet they put on a regular basis. Gambling is like a drug for a forcing actor. They start with a small amount, then increase the dose.

Lying and extradition from family and friends is another sign that someone can play gambling. A lot of people with gambling problems know they have problems and feel guilty about it. That's because they consider the need to lie where they are to family and friends. They may also lie about the amount they play.

Alienation from family and friends is a big sign that their gambling has developed into full-blown gambling. When someone starts making this wager to gambling is spending their lives. If it comes to this level, they are at risk of destroying their lives and the lives of those around them. Someone at this stage should definitely look for advice on drugs.


Many out there endlessly ruin their lives by falling victim to this addiction. Many times they find themselves denied and when they do not have money and can not get them, to support their habit, they turn to great measures such as lies and theft. If they can not get the money they need in such a way or if they are not willing to take this route, they become annoying, angry, depressed and sometimes suicidal thoughts.

There is a lot of information about addiction on the internet. It's important to educate you on this addiction if you think you or someone you love could be gambling.

If you want to help you recover drugs, you might want to look for an anonymous group playing in your area.


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