From Who Should We Learn?

We humans are not the same. Each of us is different. Each of us has different senses, and we could find the truth that others did not. So who should we learn from?

The protagonists know the food types in the desert. A teenager knows his computer from the inside. An old man gathered great wisdom throughout his life. You see, we can learn something from everyone.

You can track someone's knowledge at work – you see the results that tell you there is real knowledge behind it. You can also learn it. But be careful when you get a date. See it yourself if it's true. If you do not agree, you do not have to agree. Do not be fascinated by the university teacher's or supervisor's authority. They can have false information about what they want to deliver to you. See yourself if what they say works or not.

You do not have to learn from your mother how to cook if she is a bad cook. However, if it's a good cookie, learn her recipes!

However, there is a major barrier to learning. If you think you know all that is about content. It has been fully demonstrated on the move called The Forbidden Kingdom. It's so true, what a young boy's suggested said you have to empty your cup first & # 39; If you think you know everything, you will not learn anything.

There are many great men who discovered the truth about life and showed with their own achievements and success the basic knowledge of others who lack. They are worth learning from.

L. Ron Hubbard has a great legacy – books and lectures – about the mind and the soul. He worked out the way to unleash your true power. Earl Nightingale also has great self-esteem lectures and books. There are encouragement speakers like Les Brown, Jack Canfield, and many others who discovered building blocks of success and they share it with others in their seminars.

And you can discover that too. The key is OBSERVATION. Instead of talking to yourself, you can notice your environment. Be sure what's going there. Observe the street, track people, follow your responses. You will see things you have not noticed before. You will know, because you saw them. Observation is the key to learning. This is how you learned so much when you've been a very young kid. Another key point is duplication.

Take the success you know, evaluate what's right in what they do, or how they make things and copy it.

Each of us has great potential. How much we realize depends greatly on our knowledge and application of what we know.


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