Five Golden Steps towards self-sufficiency

With the words of Norman Vincent Peale – "What is impossible with humans will be possible with God."

1. Have a deep, unexpected belief in your talents : Faith-power works wonderfully. By faith one can bring mountains. I give my word that faith makes the impossible possible. This is a safe recipe for success. If you have willpower, it will create a sense of sureness. You must try your best to provide inevitable power to overcome your weaknesses and weak thoughts.

2. Imagine working hard: Do not think that success will be easy or fast. Success usually requires a certain amount of effort, a determined decision and a high degree of perseverance in the face of extreme difficulties. Most famous people did not get big because they were "lucky"; They spend a long time and years of work in their efforts.

3. Always think constructively: Thoughts are art. We need to learn how to think positively. It's very important because what we think of will be our personal law for a while. To be a real success in what you do, you must give your mind only positive, constructive thoughts or feelings. You will become a bigger person if you think you are big; You become a smaller person if you think little, said Norman Vincent Peale, the greatest inspiration author.

4. Try to master material or technology: All well-educated people educate themselves for their specialty or practice. If you want to make real marks in the world, you need to specialize in your work. Knowing something about everything is not as important as knowing anything about something.

5. Give all your worries to God and relax: Have a firm and impeccable belief in the existence of God's mercy. God is the source of life, health, strength and power. Look for divine guidance to solve the problem of life. Give yourself absolutely to God and be perfectly well-being. Open your heart to him completely freely like a child. All trouble, sadness and concern will come to an end. In the words of Norman Vincent Peale- "What is impossible with humans will be possible with God."


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