Create an Independent Progress Agreement – Self Help Technology # 44

Many users use different methods to help them work in life and achieve goals and technology that is a contract with you, is not for everyone, it might be something that works for you. So I want to explain this self-esteem and allow you to be a judge. It does not work for everyone, but most of them have used it.

So, how did you create a voluntary contract? Well, it's like a legal deal or you might think of it as a documented confirmation. In fact, it's best to set it up like a business deal or a contract with an entry and everything.

So how could you make an agreement that you will sign what's between you and you? First of all, find a simple contract online and put your name on both sides of the contract at the bottom. Almost in your introduction you could write something like;

  • I want to be a better and better person
  • I want to become a better student
  • I want to do the best I can add to everything I do
  • [

And under it In the contract you could tell I hereby agree;

  1. Honor All My Promises
  2. A Stand for Integrity
  3. Be in line with my learning goals

And, imagine, be something you want to be and It's between you and yourself. If you sign up and sign up for this agreement and even include a schedule of your goals, both long and temporary in the contract, you may find yourself honoring your personal commitment to follow through. So, think about this.


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