Control Fear Flying

Do you want to learn how to control the fears of flying and anxiety that you find every time you get on a plane? Well next time you get the fate of an attack because something is around you you're probably not even aware of, but will quickly reduce that fear if you start to fix it.

Immediately when you were a kid, you were a couple at school to cross the road, a partner for many activities in school and in the classroom. Why? Because having two people instead of one adds security and helps prompt each other.

If you have two buildings in a natural security area, with one person or one that is hooking to the other, it's okay to encourage you and if necessary solve problems if they arise.

If we apply these arguments, we will soon realize that all aerodromes have a built-in safety margin. Normal redundancy should one part or system fail, the other one is designed to work for both and with this knowledge you should rest a little easier and do not fear flying.

Let's start with the airplane outside, there are at least two engines and if an unusual event fails, it is designed to keep the aircraft completely happy in the air.

Enter the flight crew and you really start to see paired security in action. Of course, the two most obvious two pilots are both skilled and trained to fly exactly aircraft. Both pilots are undergoing rigorous training before they are always allowed near the aircraft and are reassessed every 6 months.

The use of the instrument and the flight show is all copied. If you are studying linearly vertically down the center of the flight deck, you have seen that the captain on the left side and collaborators sideways to the right is almost as if the plane flies from each side.

Go to the cabin now and look at pairing. You will see more than just one flight attendant. Why? Well, it's not to make sure you get food and drink without waiting too long. They are there for you and have designated areas and passengers for which they are responsible. It is a passenger / flight attendant rate that they must follow and make sure that they can provide personalized services and safety levels, such as school days with the percentage of students / teachers who had to maintain.

There are two or more lights in the passenger compartment to keep them well lit, spotlight, dipped beam and candle light. Air cushion over head and foot to keep a good flow of fresh air, but not only the one door holds several for easy boarding and dying. Even the security bulletin is often introduced in different languages ​​with a video tape and a card in the pocket pocket, ensuring that everyone sees and understands and knows how to help each other.

Next time you're on a plane and you start worrying about flying start looking at a cabin, check the security around you, designed for all aspects inside and outside the airplane. To keep you safe, you'll soon be relaxed and realize that you do not have to be afraid to fly anymore.

Tip: The next time you fly try to take at least one friend with you, it will help encourage you and keep you relaxed.


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