Christian viewpoint of the "Race Card" game – Part 1

With simple definitions, "Race Card" is a list of horses or races in horse riding (1). So, what does horse riding have to do with the definition of racism? Nothing at all? But this same word has been accepted in a public community when "referring to an allegedly accused person considers it unnecessary to buy the case from races or racism in the debate, scenario or circumstances, to avoid the matter" (1). Perhaps the term "racing cards" is more than appropriate when you consider the race and the race that many individuals play as a trumpet card to achieve self-esteem. Now, the truth is that some individuals, regardless of their races, choose this approach as a general policy to push on the agenda.

It is noteworthy how the racism has grown into a giant devilish monster that surrounds every shot and angle. But nobody really wants to deal with racism; rather with all the skirts around it, all vehemently condemn to be racist, but blame others for being racist or practicing racism. Therefore, it has become so easy to play the race card. Few individuals consider the need to make an honest quote and ask God to help them as an individual to deal with the factors of racism they may have. In today's world, all you really need to do is simply introduce "non-racist" outside, but do business as usual in the background or behind the closed door.

If we can not find the solution to race, we may be able to treat others with it to accomplish our program. So, to appeal to racial prejudices and bias of individuals, either to achieve our individual program or shared benefits, we infuse the issue of racism to "divide and conquer." We encounter real issues and promote content racism. We let people out of the hook when they cry "racism" or we support amazing racism simply because they are in the same competition as we are. This is a strictly logical approach for society to address problems such as massive and racism. Perhaps racism is too big a problem for us to cope with and playing the card is much easier.

Any attention of a Christian believer or any appropriate person should endeavor to not be part of a racial plan or program and make a decision to maintain racism in any form. As a Christian believer, the Holy Bible puts the word of God or instructs on our daily lives. And what does the Holy Bible say about racism? Over the years, many individuals have tried to work holy words of God to justify their own actions of injustice, wickedness, oppression or oppression. Some have accused God of marking one inferior race and the other one that is better. More than one, many individuals have actually called God Racial Advantages, or at least, he labeled God who shows favoritism in one race over another. The good news is that lies of individual or common people can never change the truth of God's holy word. Quickly look at some scriptures, in simple terms, clearly shows that God's holy standing on race or ethnic issues:

"You are all sons of God with faith in Christ Jesus, for all baptized Christ has been clothed with Christ." Jesus If you belong to Christ, you are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise "Galatians 3: 26-29 (NIV) (2).

"Peter began to speak:" I realize now that God does not show favoritism, but takes away all nations who fear him and do what is right. "Acts 10:34 (NIV).

" Never use the poor and disabled employers, whether they are Israelites or foreigners living in your towns. Cry out to the Lord against you and it will be considered to be your sin. "Deuteronomy 24: 14-15 NLT. (3).

" True justice must be given to foreigners living among you and orphans, and you shall never take widow's clothing as a guarantor for her debts. Therefore, I have given you this commandment "Deuteronomy 24: 17-18. (NLT).

The Holy Bible also states that God loves righteousness and justice, and harasses injustice, oppression, wrongdoing, or any wickedness. God does not "respect" men (Romans 2:11). This simply means that God does not respect man's humanity while looking at humanity. Therefore, it is impossible that God will either advocate or accept racism or discrimination based on racial or other reasons.

Therefore, we are not teaching God for racism. He is not responsible for the weapons of divorce that humans chose to accept. We are not using God as an excuse for our own Racism and Discrimination Program. We are certainly not using God an excuse for us to choose to play the card. Simply do not play the race card. A wicked, wicked trail that leads only to an inconvenient destination for you as an individual, your community, state and country, and the global community as a whole. It's also an illegal game where individuals make decisions about what to do, who should support or what schedule to take on the basis of race or ethnicity. As it is, racism is complex enough matter and social, so we as individuals do not need to fuel complicated but we should take individual steps, no matter how small, to reduce the negative impact of race in our lives, society, state and country, and the world as a whole.

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