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With the new year calling now, people begin to set goals and want to achieve certain things. But one thing I've noticed is that people continue to have the same money problems every year. Whether it's not enough money to keep you through the entire month of accounts or more accounts than your money can see. Daniel Pierce Accounting, is offering special people who need help to set up a budget. I just want to make a few points to the consumer out there about the budget.

Tip 1: Debt is Deadly – Avoid It
It is amazing to watch different generations and how they were resurrected. My father grew up on farm and had very little. No cells have been exhausted, game systems, computers, etc. It seems to me that people continue to trade with the world. With every single new gadget that comes out, everyone must be the first to get the new toy. Whether it's new, i touch or iPad, or whatever. Debt is deadly because people who can not afford these gadgets go out and buy them on credit. This is where it will be deadly. Unfortunately, interest does not take vacation. Interest rates are always available. Arrange as a famous catalog, we all know 7-11. It works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Then comes the cost of capital, late payments, etc. We all know these terms. My tip for you out there today is to make the goal to start today, do not go into debt. Turn them credit cards, pay with cash instead. Return to the old days when people lived with this word; "If you can not afford to pay money for it, do not buy it." So simple, decide to keep your needs from your wishes.

Tip 2: Stick It
It's very funny how people make all these goals at the beginning of the new year and end them failing or giving up in mid February or March. I can not keep this diet, it's too hard, I like eating a burger burger or I love delicious cookies or cakes. Is this sound familiar? So many start making goals over and over again. They do the same ones every year. Do not believe me, that's true. We all people we make mistakes, that's how we learn from it. But meet your goals. Do not give up, be patient and keep the goal in hand. Google poem "The Race" read this and print it out and remember it every time you want to give up.

Tip 3: Live with Budget
Finally, this is my last tip for this post. Create a budget and live by it. If you have questions or need help, email me today. I have helped others with this project. I can also help you. Or Google "How to Budget" is plenty of resources out there that you can learn from. If you email me and mention this blog, I will be happy to offer you free financial analysis. But if you find yourself, you do not have enough, or you have too many bills or you have to go out and get another job because you are not sure where your money is going and coming, people do not know where all their money is going. But the budget will help you out. It will teach you where your money comes from, where it is going and how much is going out and coming back in. Live with a budget, I know you can do this. Make it a new year's resolution to start a budget today. Get it, thank you later! I promise you.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me. I would be happy to assist you anyway I possibly can. Make it a good New Year everybody and do good luck with you.


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