Are you addicted to stress? Your peptides are in control

Are you a Peptide addict?

If you are addicted to stress, then know that you are not alone! Millions of people depend on stress, concern, jealousy, anger and myriad of other emotions or dynamic responses. Why?

Because of a peptide battle occurring within you at any moment of your life. If you were not paying attention to the biology of high school, you could miss a discussion of peptides and receptors cells. Here is a renewal …

The Battle of the Peptides

Each small cell in the body (there are billions) has hundreds of receptors on the surface of the outer membrane. Each receptor is designed to accept a particular peptide such as a lock and a key.

Peptides seek to connect to these receptions so that they can provide them with special emotions or essential nutrients or incentives to take some kind of action, etc.

What's interesting is that if you tend to experience their physical reality through a particular emotional filter (usually I tend to tend to), they will tend to get more receptions on their cells for the feeling compared to other emotions .

Even more fascinating is that if the cells are constantly giving the same peptide again and again, when the cell is flowing, then more such receptions on both new cells.

So hopefully, you can now understand it by living in a particular emotional state and usually in a single emotional pattern, strengthening the ever-increasing relationship between your body and particular emotions.

This is why smoking cessation, or giving up physical or emotional addiction, is so hard for most people. Addiction has forced your cells to morph and they now attack a particular peptide to be a nutrient.

Your own cells require a chemical party!

Thinking of stopping this steady flow of poison is not logical to your brain because no obvious observer operates when addiction is under control.

There is actually no actual self in the driver's seat at all. Addiction is to drive experience. With no one else to step in and take over, the cells in the body can become victims of both physical and emotional drugs.

When both the body and your mind are controlled by your emotional habits, instead, you will become a slave of your own internal subject.

However, you can change the battle of the peptides in your favor!


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