Are you a Quantum Thinker?

Undoubtedly, any part of you, but do not be surprised if you soon see that you are traditional thinking (Cartesian, based on Newton's principles). It has been over one hundred hundred years since scientists began to investigate and Modern society has made conversation about energy commonplace. We are all busy talking about our destiny, karma and universal laws such as attraction and divine unity.

To put it simply, quantum mechanics is a new physics, a new concept of the universe. It defines the universe as a unified field of energy and states that all levels are linked. Each team contacts another, even if they do not have a direct contact. Who can influence and change another, just by redefining this relationship. Of course, ancient wisdom has long been with the belief that we can change and influence our reality, but now we understand that the transformation nature of energy is in play. So what does this new idea mean for social and scientific thinking in our quest for self-esteem?

Quake is an increased movement of power and humility. At an individual level, we recognize that we are multitudes of bodies, minds / emotions and spirits. We also understand that all we are, including our thoughts, are energy gifts that we can change and control. From practical aspects, we can begin to improve our reality by looking at our thoughts. With this action alone we begin to ask and set the limits of our thinking. What we believe once ends and our awareness grows in a state where we are ready to explore all possibilities. The limitations of our thinking dissolve and we believe we have power because we can solve problems and plans for the future with many options. In this dose process, it begins unthinkingly to thrive and our wildest dreams are no longer impossible, but possible.

But what happens when we apply quantum science to the whole universe, to become a real one with all types of thinkers? Our thinking will not be linear, but multidimensional. Our idea becomes romantic and we will not feel separate, but connected. What matters immediately in our decision making will be how it affects everything that is around us. Our responsibility, not only ourselves but others, will rise dramatically because we will understand that what we do or do not will affect. We will further understand that the effect will not be realized today or directly on us, but perhaps in the future and on our children, our neighbors or our environment. We will abolish control of something greater and understand our perception of what matters more. When we acknowledge the scope of being all-encompassed thinkers, we will deal with scary humility that represents fear-inspiring reality of dose disturbances.

Quantum is a very big form of thought that extracts lots or responsibilities to oneself, others and the world. It's an amazing tool that reminds us that we have the power to change, but we still have our poor performance because we are just one small piece of intelligent material in the universe. If we embrace real quantum thinking, we will start making a conscious choice that will promote, not pollute, because we will fully understand the effects of positive, rather than negative choices. It is at this point that our intellectual energy source will survive the success of the honor we live.

All our choices, regardless of how small, will start to matter. We will stop apologizing, especially those who hold us in a negative reality. We will not teach what is outside of us, because what we teach will be us, directly or indirectly. And if you're very serious about a positive change while blossoming on quantum science, you will deliberately make constructive changes with your attitude and approach. You must reflect the humility that you are only one person, one small area of ​​energy that can matter.

Now, imagine what would happen if we were all quantum scientists


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