Are the addicts all in their head?

I understand a question like the one that stems from the fact that the title of this article can track some feathers, but I have to explore it anyway. Why? Mostly because I fought drugs for both alcohol and cigarettes for more than fifteen years and went away from both of them for over a year and have realized very important places in the process. Not least, the fact that I realized that I'm adding that stuff to my head is the least.

Before I left, let me appreciate how much I drank and smoked. On a certain day, I tried at least at least a pack of cigarettes and drank twelve packs of beer. Did I follow these numbers at the time of my life? No, but they must be average. I know I was constantly buying either beer or cigarettes, but still a man was far from me at all times. That way, you can decide if I'm addicted to these two subjects.

The point is that I walked away from both of the materials when I started believing was possible. For many years I did not believe it was possible or necessary to quit, but as soon as I changed what I believed the action changed. I always knew deeply into my soul that I did not like drinking or smoking. I really mean, who likes to wake up with a hangover or get up the stairs? While I was still drinking and smoking, I began to tell myself how easy it was to walk away, rather than telling me how difficult it was. You see, most people talk about how hard these things are going, and what happens? They are hard. So I just did the opposite.

After approx. six months had both exercises become more painful in my ass than I wanted to deal with. I did not want to smell like a askhtray anymore. I did not want to wake up hung over. I wanted to start coming up like the birds do … in the morning. One day, I only had one cigarette left in my package and rather than planning to buy another package, something in me said, "You're done." And I quit. I betrayed several times over the next few weeks, but I knew I had it. I did not want to be a smoker anymore.

Same happened to drink. Now I do not either. Do you know what else happened because of this change in thought? I stopped hanging around people and places that thought it was cool and okay. None of this was a conscious choice, but something I thought I had to do. And I've never been happier. All because I realized that it was all spiritual and simply changed my thoughts .


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