Alcohol Disorders – History of Alcohol

When you see someone in the street, drinking something from a brown paper bag, you automatically become drinking alcohol, although it's hard to pinpoint when it actually started. However, we can confirm that the ideology of alcoholism is from 1849 when Magnús Huss first connected alcohol consumption to serious health.

The terms (alcoholism) were considered in the United States by the establishment and growth of the 1939 Support Group, called Alcoholics Anonymous, or "AA. Anonymous Alcohol Drinking does not define alcoholism, but it is also focused on allergy and illness. on the support of responsibility and responsibility.

E. Morton Jellinek, New England doctor, was the first to categorize problems seen by chronic alcoholics. Jellinek's definition of alcoholics described: "Alcoholics" are those too alcoholic addictive alcohol has so much been exposed to significant disturbance or disturbance of physical and mental health, personal relationships and smooth economic activity or showing signs of such development.

He added that this condition needed treatment and nothing has actually changed since then, with the exception of some changes in the definition with a series of medical Theoretical relationships. American Medical Association today refers to the alcoholism that oddly prolonged cell disease.

It is said, however, that minority is in a medical profession who just does not agree that alcoholism is actually a disease, so critics such as Herbert Fingarette and Stanton Peele only use the concept of a lot of alcohol-related alcoholic beverages.

The definition of alcoholism is still uncertain, meaning it is very difficult to detect, especially as alcoholics do not understand much from a person who drinks only on a regular basis. I'm afraid that this discussion just has to continue and if you want to take part in finding a solution then you need to investigate what's happening over the Stop Drinking blog as this seems to be the only place to try everything to find the answer.


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