Addictions – Drugging our kids

It's an exercise that has gone over the past few decades, which has disturbing consequences and causes drugs for many. Health doctors have been diagnosed with certain children with what they call mental disorders and have been prescribed medicines for these children.

These types of experts call for disabilities include attention deficit, hyperactivity, minimal brain damage, learning disabilities, relieve stress for writing and writing. If it is not clear that all the children are different and each of them has their own characteristics, these experts have the idea, if the child does not work exactly as they think they should do, or in the same way that other children do, they have a child kind of mental disability that requires a drug to handle the problem.

Some children who are three or four years old are prescribed medicines to reduce the so-called mental disorder. Since these drugs can be addictive, we allow our children to start the road to addiction.

This should draw our attention to the fact that drugs should never promote anyone, especially our children. Unfortunately, this is not the case because there are millions of children in America who are given the most dangerous and addictive drugs on the planet. They are not illegal drugs, but perfectly legally prescribed. These drugs have a mutagenic effect, as well as addictive effects on these children.

Agree parents and teachers to believe that something is wrong with a child if school performance is not what is expected, if they are overactive children or if the attention value is shorter than what is considered normal. Medicines are then prescribed for the child to take, promising this medicine will take care of the problem. Often this is done by convincing the parents that the child has some kind of learning disability.

So many people are asking why there are so many schooling today right now. The kids are taking guns at school and shooting other students and teachers. This type of coincidence was unknown twenty years ago, so why has it become so common in recent years? If you run a history of schooling, almost a person, you will find that they were all on some kind of medicine and many of them have been drugged from a very young age. Since drugs they have taken are mind changing drugs, is it any wonder they would commit the actions they have?

Ritalin is the most popular & # 39; drug given to children for the so-called mental disability they suffer from. Teachers have been pulled into a notification that they can not teach unless they have their Ritalin children. It was time back in the mid-1990s when there was a lack of Ritalin and many teachers felt they could not manage the classroom without their "Ritalin kids".

To understand how dangerous Ritalin is, we must first know what it is. It's what's called a drug speed or the upper one. In the body, it is the same as cocaine or amphetamine, and its effects are longer in the body than cocaine or amphetamine, but still as powerful.

Although Ritalin has been introduced as an effective treatment for learning disabilities, no evidence has proven to prove this theory, not even by Ritalin's producer himself. They do not require that the medicine has ever helped to study the child.

Know what we do about drugs and its devastating impact not only on the drug but on society as a whole, why does anyone want to drowning children? The answer to that is easy – just check the profits of the pharmaceutical companies!


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