Addiction Vs Self-Guarantee – What is the relationship?

Addiction is a proven habits, or compulsory need for content of any kind. There are many types of drugs: drugs, alcohol, food, control, worry, obsession-obsessive obesity, loss of appetite and bulimia-these are some of the patterns and drugs of drugs. They basically hold on to behavior that we do not control and which in the long run can destroy our lives. Many people go to twelve-stage programs for addiction, or therapists, or counselors, or mental cures, or methodological changes, or all of the above. Some drugs are more serious and disgraceful than others, and there are different levels of addiction. But the truth is, they are ALL problems, they create a great denial and they are poisonous to the addict and often to the people in their lives.

Self-consciousness means being aware of the self. Most addicts are not aware of their addiction because it is so painful psychological and mental lack that it is hidden by denial and others automatically sluggish. It's so much easier to work in life if we ignore our flaws, but it's owning them and asking for help.

Roots of almost all addiction are very deep and usually start sometime in childhood. Many of us were wounded in some way as children, for many reasons and in many different areas. Like children, we are innocent, vulnerable, vulnerable and afraid, so the wounds are all harmful and life-threatening. What we do with this HURT later in life is to convey the feelings of guilt and shame that accompanies it, and then we use material or compulsion to anxiety anxiety that we believe. Anxiety, depression and all the negative emotions that contribute to our self-esteem are simple signs of self-improperly inappropriate ways, such as addiction.

If we knew better, we would do better, but we are riddled with fear, self-esteem, insecurity and confusion, but most of the time are not aware that we have these feelings at all.

So how can we solve old-age problems and dehumanizing as addiction? Sometimes it seems insurmountable and impossible, but there are solutions to almost any problem under the sun! And you want it and choose help, it's out there for you. There is another part of this ideology that needs attention before we can ask for help. And it is that addicts need to know and understand that their addiction is more than simply something they can not stop. Addiction is also a sense of thinking, feeling and being in the world.

What is addictive thinking? It often appears in a distorted way of looking at life, in general. So it's not just addictive use of substances that classify someone as an addict, but it's also the "stinkin thinkin" way he thinks. In order to heal and recover, we need to turn the victim into our lives and realize that we can choose to change. If you can see that your addiction (thought and behavior) adversely affects your life, you can decide to seek the help you need. Help is everywhere; you can even ask me!


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