Addiction to movies

Hollywood has a long history of depicting on screen both on silver and small screens. They tend to avoid glamorizing addiction, which shows the current crash of the noise. So what films and TV shows have famously shown addiction to the masses?

In the most realistic case, the television series "Intervention" shows the struggle of real people with various drugs, but also the effects it has on their friends and families. The program shows their loved ones trying to get them to seek help for their illness and is one of the few real-life shows that focus on addiction that looks like addiction to those who influence them and their addiction.

Although the show certainly has its critics, mostly with regard to the lack of follow-up to those in the list, it should actually be the fact that it is not glamorizing the addiction of these features, despite the time of " modified "nature of the show to emphasize more dramatic parts of the interventions.

Movies in particular seem to have made a worse job of glamorizing addiction, even though they had the characters aware of the consequences associated with addiction. While some images focus specifically on addiction, others include it, but do not focus on the image.

Movies like "Blow", "Trainspotting" and "Leaving Las Vegas" have the addiction and metabolism of the core theme through the characters who have to deal with the difficult consequences of their drugs against drugs and alcohol, but movies like "21 "and" fear and grief in Las Vegas "do less to show the terrible side of addiction, actually having their characters seem beneficial at the end of their addiction. It is not to say that the characters are not in trouble in relation to their drugs, only to be less serious than in films submitted.

So has Hollywood done a good job to describe addiction in a realistic way? I would appeal that any film showing someone who is through painful withdrawal symptoms is three that show a loving charm with alcoholic drinking problems that always occur and never suffer from addiction (looking at you "two and a half men"). This needs to be improved to give people more gratitude for what addicts and their loved ones fight and not to glamorize addiction and to do something that people think is funny or easy to overcome.


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