Addiction to emotions

People know that addiction is bad for them but they continue to do things that know to hurt themselves. Why?

First let me point to something about addiction – over time it takes more than what one wants to be satisfied with. So the athlete who works out the first hour a day grows into two, sometimes for three and sometimes winds to spend most of the day in the gym, as addicted to the drug addict on the backside.

Even healthy behaviors can become unhealthy.

Most people can not recognize that people often get emotional feelings. Do you know someone who lives in a constant state of play? Who regularly gets sick or injured? Whoever hurts all the time? Who do you know about the characteristics of the victims, teaching others and situations for how bad life looks?

Your body has neuropeptide, a substance that makes you feel well or feel bad. Cells have a map for the peptides. Someone who is addicted to being ill (they think the only way they get attention is to be sick) has a plethora of suffering from a bad peptide dock on cells.

Cells are not static. Cell division. When they replace, they reproduce after DNA (Drawing) that has been altered by the peptide associated with them. Now there are more cells with an ever more dock for finding a bad neuropeptide.

do you see that more cells mean more receptions available to those drug addicts? By getting more of the bad feelings of peptides that lock in receptors and procrastinating the cells, still create stronger addiction.

This pattern explains how drugs keep people so fast and slave to addiction.

Take this information one step further – nerve cells that cook together get wired and form a cycle, if you want. So experience associated with bad emotions goes all the way together as a network. Completing addiction becomes a complex matter of destroying networks and replacing cells with peptides of new and different emotions than addiction.

When you feel stuck in your life, realize that some kind of nervous system keeps you stuck. You say you do not look like how you feel, but you continue to support the network and cells to feel bad, or hopeless, or less – whatever the underlying feeling is.

You continue to do the same actions and expect to get different results. Is it possible? Einstein defines this term as insanity.

Before you choose to react differently under what circumstances you first need to catch up and check your current behavior in that condition. You can achieve the goal of living consciously. Rather than go through the day automatically, be there at any moment. (Have you ever come to the store and not mention how you got there?) This is after all your life to live! Go for it!

Celebrate every little role you make that moves your life forward. Pay attention to words that are running through your head on your daily internal conversations. Use words that strengthen you to take new measures into new feelings and you will disturb the bad emotion network. You can overcome addiction when you're ready to do it.

How do you know when you're ready? You choose.


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