Addiction – Its environment

Why do people get addicted to content and others not? Make Genetic Decisions Becoming Affected Is It Your Parents To Teach?

While many people are happy to point your finger in the other direction, it would help to know what's the factor to become addicted to.

Some required for some research due to their offspring or their grandparents. While this is interesting, it does not solve drug abuse problems. It can even prolong addictive tendency.

The main components involved in addiction are:

  1. Using addictive drugs (I will contain alcohol as a drug)
  2. Trying to solve drug problems
  3. Depending on your medicine to continue & # 39; solve & # 39; the problem
  4. Drug and alcohol supply
  5. Attitudes of care, families and groups

The environment of cells, organs, the body and the person has a significant impact on man and # 39; s drug consumption. It is impossible to abuse drugs without taking them.

An individual's biology may be more likely to be more vulnerable to stimulation or the effects of drugs or alcohol. Mothers who drink or take medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding are a direct method of preventing infants from drug abuse.

What about drinking or doing drugs in front of the children? What about visual environment? Many have not acknowledged the impact that others have in their minds. What about TV ads and song shows promises drugs and illegal drugs?

Indeed, chemotherapy can even wipe out profound bone marrow (drug-free person). But the skeleton needs to agree to make drugs and then take drugs.

What about attitude towards drugs?

As to reduce harm or reduce physical activity, it is trying to make the drugs acceptable in our culture. Use of references such as diabetes compared to heroin drugs, ie claim both diseases, no one has control, ie weakness, not responsible, etc.

Groups like Safety First believe that children and adults can not stop taking drugs to make drug use safer. Security First is trying to create tolerant medication. Since all drugs are essentially poisonous, I do not accept the view that medication is inevitable.

Attitudes around drugs use drugs either popular, acceptable or available – often all three.

Internal Environment

Biologically, the body and the chemistry as a whole are physically modified by attitude, stress and whether the person had a good or bad day. Electrical, the change in its internal environment changes and is changed with its own attitude. Hopelessness tends to introduce more hopelessness. Happiness is also contagious. (Reference: Life's Life, Bruce Lipton PhD)

Environment and Attitude Rehab Center

What about success and recovery? If the entire industry insured that drug and alcohol disease was a disease, incurable, manageable solely and a tendency to return, what kind of environment would it create for people who try to put an end to addiction?

Is it possible that the environment or attitude of the people working to end addiction determines the outcome? I'll answer that for you. Yes, attitude determines output. (Reference: Bruce K. Alexander, SFU)

Should you send a friend or a loved one in the middle of which one would not be in any case to go in for an hour? I hope you get my points.

Successful Environment for Recovery

Drugs and alcohol deoxes and rehab should cure places, even sacred places. Rehabs should be a kind of sanctuary where they can handle their affairs for a lifetime. Drugs and alcohol do not solve problems; They become the new problem .

If people take a lot of mind changing meds in the rehab program, are they really promoting the healing environment? Most addicts go to rehab to get rid of drugs and abusive drugs. See the problem?

What about drug treatment centers that do drugs for each whine? In healthcare, medicines are used to keep customers calm and harmful. Medicines are sometimes used to ignore disruptive behavior of customers, not cure addiction.

Rehab drug-based centers that use social education methods to address drug abuse problems, offer an effective solution to complete addiction to life.

Social education and biochemical holistic programs improve ability and solve the next nutritional defects. They really improve people's conditions.

Do you need to know how to solve drugs / alcohol problems?


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