Addiction – I'm an addict

I'm an addict. I can not sweep it under the blanket anymore. It's a little crawl on me. I thought addiction was only about explosives and drugs. How wrong I was.

I'll let you know what I've found. It turns out I'm not Robinson Crusoe. I have found that humans are addictive in nature. Appropriately, according to some experts in this field (Richard Rohr Breathing Under Water is worth reading), the word "addiction" is a modern name for what the Bible traditionally called sin "# 39; ; and what was referred to in the Middle Ages as "passion" and "# 39; or & attachments & # 39;. My response to answers has responded to the fact that addiction is one of the biggest challenges facing all community areas.

So, what's my addiction?

Back when I thought I was a firearm, I think addiction came in 2 types of positive and negative. (I think I'm even reading a book called Positive Addiction .) Now I know I was a half-story. As it turns out, there there are 2 types of addictive behavior and substance. And they are similar in two main ways. They participate in providing a good feeling and helping to cope with the world's daily life and all the difficulties, challenges, problems, etc.

Behavioral addiction is not a chemical type and usually involves the need to participate in actions until it causes serious negative consequences for the physical, mental, social and financial well-being of the individual. Gambling, sex, food, pornography, computer use, game consoles, work, exercise, mobile and smartphone, cutting, are just a few examples that fit this type. I assume you can include "soft addiction like mood rate and moodiness, dodge, unreliability, and related behaviors we want to write as" bad practices "and # 39.

Omniomania is an addiction often an example of behavioral dependence. Back to the early 19th century, it is generally considered that addiction occurs when the principal is to be dealt with to deal with stress, to the extent that he continues to shop too much (more than once) even when It's clearly negative in other areas of life. Soon soon, finances and relationships are damaged, but the retailer is unable to stop or even manage expenses.

Drugs come in 2 types – legal and illegal. The main lawyers are familiar with caffeine ( coffee, tea, sports drinks), nicotine (cigars, cigarettes, nicotine patches), alcohol (wine, beer, alcohol) and inhalants (diluents, Some legal substances are available with prescription amphetamines (stimulants), sedatives / antidepressants (Valium), opioids (heroin, morphine, cod). Known illegal preparations include cannabis (marijuana, grass, pot), cocaine (coke, crack), hallucinogens (LSD, ecstasy) and phencyclidin (angel dust).

As opposed to this, my addiction seems somewhat soft. I'm not a shopkeeper. Alcohol and drugs are not my scene. My addiction is my usual way of doing things, my own pattern method, and how I tend to manipulate things. In the past, I probably run my addiction to the grandparents, parents, teachers, and other people I used to associate with. But what prevents dealing with my addiction, on the other hand, it always seems to be hidden & # 39; and disguised as something else. Damn!

It's only when I realize that the challenge for me is to change how I work. I have found that practices such as meditation and prayer help to break down this inevitable, or thoughtful, dual thought, but these practices seem to deal with what looks like being the top of the iceberg.

I am working to overcome addiction in three ways.

  1. I hope the crisis in my thoughts and actions will lead to instability or inconvenience to change my way, hopefully for the better.
  2. I emphasize having an idea that ensures that I keep on looking forward to something.
  3. I'm trying to get used to the stimulation that addiction adds.

Secret … My drug does not cause Arteriosclerosis, a common condition associated with aging, but atherosclerosis (tightening attitude) which, if left desired, could lead to paralysis paralysis. Wish me good luck!


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