A whack on his head

When was the last time you had a good whack on your head?

Throughout the story there have been certain people with a stroke saying things so that we can sit up and say, "WOW, that's deep!"

I'm talking about quotes. You know, these little gems, which deviate from generation to generation. In a few words, these people give us something that can change our lives, open our eyes or give us new ways to think about things.

Like a quick hit on noggin, our quote captures our attention. Very easy to remember meaning is driven straight into the brain.

Here's one of my favorite favorites on my head.

This comes from Napoleon Hill. After studying a wealth of wealthy people for many years, he now wrote a classic Think and Grow Rich . This book is designed to change the lives of countless people.

He said, "Everything that man's mind can think and believe, it can be achieved."

Do you think it's true? Let you examine this testimony further.

"Everything that the mind (or woman) can think of"

Look around you. Unless you're naked in the middle of a rain forest, almost everything you see began as an idea or concept in some head. Humans think about new products, new governments, new religions, and even war and terror. This thinking process can lead to life support or life destroying ideas. Do not judge his power.

The next part … "And believe" is also very important.

What is faith? If you were looking up the origin of the word believe, you would find that it comes from a word that means love. So faith is simply an idea or concept that you love. When you love something, put energy into it. This energy you put in an idea is what causes the last part of this quotation to happen … "It can be achieved".

So there you have it. This quote from Napoleon Hill has a simple, easily remembered, three-part recipe to create and make things happen in your life.

Conceive – Believe – Achieve

Put this formula at work every day and see what happens. Get a copy of Think and Grow Rich and learn it. If you already have a copy, read it again.

When you put this formula into your life, it's another thing to keep in mind. Another whack on your head for you.

Be careful what you're asking for, you could get it.


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