A simple and effective way to increase your energy: Tao of stress management

We all know what it means to be "run down". Whether it's working too many hours, staying too late or overwhelming with too many things to do. When we're tired we can not cope with stress. In this low energy condition, it's easy to get annoying and lose our optimism. Our deadline can be shorter and our days seem unbearable long and difficult.

All this happens when we would not generate, conserve, and exploit our energy efficiently.

When you feel energetic, you're naturally easy to go, optimistic and things are fun. When problems arise, you can see them because you have the power and clarity to solve them quickly and efficiently.

When we think about how to generate more energy, we usually think about ways to increase energy – physical activity, energy and supplements. All of these can help. But our results are limited if we continue to use too much of our energy by doing things too fast or by transferring ourselves.

One of the most important keys to increasing energy is learning how to preserve it at the same time.

There are some simple things you can do to make sure that you use your energy wisely while constantly updating. Select one or two of the following suggestions, then try for one week to see how they affect you.

* Create ten to fifteen minutes to break every day

If you spend all day at work, travel around the town and do not generally do it, stop the body from continuing with constant demand. A short fifteen minute break can do miracles to add and preserve the body's precious energy.

Find time today when you can have 15 minutes to you. Go to a small room, which can even be your own office. Close the door. Turn off the computer monitor, TV, lights, and other loud, disturbing items. Just sit quietly. It's ok to read a book you like or listen to, soft music on iPod. The idea is to have a little "me" time because you are not talking at all and you do not mind much of anything. Just relax and be at the moment.

You'll be surprised at how much better you'll find when you take something into this in your daily life. 30 minutes for "me" time is even better than at home.

* Take two things that you do fast every day and slow down.

Another way we tend to waste our energy and kill us is doing everything so fast. We drive fast, eat fast, walk fast and talk fast. Gaining momentum always creates excitement and destroys your energy.

Find two things that are in your daily life already and make them very slow. Some things that you might decide to slow down are brushing your teeth, going to work and eating. Whatever you choose in your daily life.

You may need to take a little extra time, but these few extra minutes will go a long way to tell you what it takes to keep your energy calmer, relax and stay stable. You'll notice big changes in your energy after a few days.

* Make 10 deep, relaxed breaths every day

Nothing relaxes the body more than deep breathing. We can live without food for a few weeks, without water for days, but we only have time to live without a breath. It is for this reason that breathlessness is the absolute key to opening the deepest level of pleasure and relaxation that the body can produce.

By entering this order of deep relaxation at regular intervals, we literally build up the storage of positive energy that naturally occurs throughout our lives. All of our physiology is brought into a more relaxing, conscious and open state where things take less effort and stressful events have less effect.

Here's how to make deep breathing:

1. Before you lie down, sit on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor.

2. Put your hands in your lap, palm up.

3. Slowly lower your head and take your chin towards your chest. This is just so your neck is straight and not tense.

4. Now breathe very gently into the stomach. Do not force it, and do not overdo it. When you breathe in, just find your stomach gently and naturally growing.

5. As soon as you reach the end of your breath, as you feel a little tense, let go and breathe out gently. On the spirit, count "10" to yourself.

6. Breathe again, as in step 4 above, breathe off and count "9".

7. Proceed gently and deeply in this way and count all the way down to "1".

Do this every night for a week's bed and see how you feel in the morning and how your feelings and energy levels change.

Our energy depends on how we use our energy, not just how we collect it. Enjoy your life and have energy too!


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