General Process Paper shredding services

Privacy is a major concern among companies, and while many have made the switch to electronic filing, requires daily operations not yet computerized documents. To maintain customer privacy, and meet the regulations, companies turn to paper shredding services to protect sensitive information.

There are actually two different methods used in this process: the site (mobile) and on site. There are similarities between these options, but it is important to understand each one.


Mobile or on-site document destruction is a simple process. Businesses use this option, container they fill with data that need to be deleted. When bins are filled, the company schedules an appointment for destruction. A truck with a shred machines come directly to the company, and the contents of their containers poured into the engine. The containers are returned so they can be refilled. Business owners and managers have the ability to oversee the process. Generally, the mobile option is advantageous as it gives very little chance of compromising information.


Off-site paper shredding services are used in two different ways; businesses either through the pickup or move files directly to the facility.

Pickup local option requires the company to make an appointment for a truck. The documents are collected from the company, and the truck moves to the next place that require pickup. This continues until the truck is full. The documents are then taken to a facility where they are discharged in a large container or pile to await destruction. In some cases, the destruction can take place on the same day, but often will be completed the following day. Not all shredding companies offer this option.

Some companies will drop off documents requiring destruction. Companies that use this method to simply take their sensitive files directly to the facility. Once there, the documents placed in a locked area for destruction on the same day. Customers witness documents is kept in a locked container at the drop-off.

While each of these options for paper shredding services end up with documents to be destroyed, there are differences in the safety of each individual. If you want to destruction option that provides the most security, and minimizes potential breaches of privacy, mobile approach is the best option. Documents have very little chance of falling into the wrong hands, which means files and business are protected from potential harm leak personal information about customers.

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