Different type of biometrics

My day often ends by reading the online article on my mobile. You can not share my love for reading, but I would be surprised if the day does not have to watch some TV or check your Facebook notifications. Honestly, nothing comes close to the experience myself lying in bed, with the lights in my room is disabled and chat with my fiance on the chat system. Bliss!

Technology has become deeply embedded in our lives. Biometrics is just one, but increasingly used branches. I have decided to write some of it, at EzineArticles.com, and we start with the most popular types of her!

Iris Recognition: The iris is a thin, colored, circular part of the eye, located in front of it. When we talk about the eyes of some as “black” or “blue”, it is these things we are talking about. Just like the biological characteristics of human fingers, iris of every human is unique. In this method, it extends mesh membrane freckles are used to identify the person. Scans are taken on a regular video camera or a specialized scanner. It was working with the Indian government for national ID country program, Aadhaar.

Fingerprint Recognition: This is one of the most popular types of biometrics. The symptoms fingertip surface – patterns ridges, valleys (detail) and furrows – are analyzed to determine the identity. Included in these patterns are arches, whorls (spirals and concentric circles) and loops of the fingerprint. Two images are viewed for the game to make sure the identity of a person. Apart from being common in the biometric attendance system, it is also used in forensics.

Face Recognition: Visual biometrics detects facial features – such as the distance between the eyes, nose size and shape of the cheekbones – use computer programs to authenticate identity. First, the images captured by security or real time 3D camera, and then evaluated and measurements listed in the database. Unless the 3D camera is used, it must be sufficient lighting for pictures. Most notable this technology in law enforcement areas.

Voice Recognition: Voice has over one hundred features! Auditory biometrics together voice speaker with a corresponding pre-recorded voice model templates to verify their claim to be of a certain someone. If the unknown speaker, it is compared with several templates. This type uses measurable physical behavior aspects of recognition. Pitch, frequency and nasal tone some of these factors. Perhaps the most common use of its telephone banking.

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