Supply falling addiction

Call of Duty manufacturers finally found an answer to a growing problem in COD suffrage. The only revenue a company used to collect from the creation of video games was with the first sale of the game itself. Call of Duty games have traditionally been released in November, just before the holidays. Activision and other manufacturers of COD would see huge sales growth at the end of each year, but that's it. So how can video game manufacturers continue to squeeze money from players throughout the year? The answer: supply decreases.

First introduced in Advanced Warfare in 2014, license supply drops allow gamers to play lotteries to "win" better weapons, cooler camos and stylish virtual gear. AW creator Sledgehammer Games added this feature as an added bonus for players who either played the game a lot (and made & # 39; keys & # 39; to unlock supply drops with every game played), or spent real money on “COD points.” Each opening of the supply case yielded three parts of a variety of rarities. Players could use virtual & # 39; keys & # 39; or COD suggests opening a common (less likely to receive a rare object) or a rare (greater chance of getting a rare object) supply failures. With each opening, players were given items to customize their character or weapons to show to their friends … which is why the supply drop was so successful (and honestly, absolutely brilliant). The designers of the computer games participated in the competitive and somewhat immature minds of the players. Players could now circumvent the difficult task of getting 250 headshots to get a rare camo by buying more COD points. It took time and skill out of the equation in exchange for money. So cash flowed in.

Supply drops became so successful that Treyarch and Infinity Ward, authors of Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare, continued the development. Call of Duty manufacturers could now continue to earn revenue throughout the life of the game, instead of just when an individual buys the game at the store. According to Activision & # 39; In the fourth quarter of 2016, the company made an additional $ 3.6 billion with the sale of game content (mainly from COD: Black Ops III and Overwatch). That is unbelievable!

Some gamers may say that supply drop will lower the game though. I agree – especially for the latest CoD game, Infinite Warfare. In infinite warfare, weapon variants, or different (and statistically better) versions of guns, it makes the public game more annoying. For example, Erad was one of my favorite guns in the game. I played with the common (basic) variant, and I was pretty good at it … until I came face-to-face with a player with the famous (rare) variant of the gun – called & # 39; cyclopean & # 39 ;. It literally shoots LASER BEAM instead of regular shots. I had no chance. Instead, I was killed over and over by the same player. I got so frustrated with this one game that I ended up not using my Erad stock variant again. I knew that if I wanted to have the opportunity to win gun battles, I would need legendary weapon variants, which is pretty hard to get by without opening a drop.

Supply drops are hot topics in the Call of Duty community. They have been very successful for the makers of computer games as cash has never been more abundant; However, they give an unfair advantage to players who spend the most money. I like the old days of CoD4 where the only way to get a rare camel, was to play the game and hone your skills, not by buying you for rarer things.


The easiest way to release stress!

Everyone has stressful situations at one time or another in life but having the situation does not mean you have to instill stress so that you feel like you just want to run away.

There are ways to reduce and often reduce stress so that it does not harm your body or mind, and one of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to move.

Before you do anything else, when you get stressful situations, take three very deep breaths to release the tension in your throat and shoulders and take five minutes to react instead of responding.

Music is a great way to lower and release stress. If possible, only switch on the radio and dance. If you want to practice throwing in a DVD and practicing the music.

Music usually creates satisfaction and there is plenty of variety that everyone has something to choose from. Whether it's from 60 strokes, hard rocks or classic and everything in between, music is great by people and when you get older music you can feel younger.

Age is just a number!

When I say older, I'm talking about people who are over 50 and that is often when the numbers start to disturb people who can cause stress and can make you feel older. Learn to accept what age you are and you will find a way less stress. I'm 72 and when I learned to accept it as just a number, it had to get older much less stressful. It's all about mindset.

Sometimes memories are tied to music you hear. To lift your breath and reduce stress, choose music that has good memories. You want something uplifting. As you listen to music that evokes wonderful memories, it promises to release densities in your shoulders and cleanse your mind so that you feel more relaxed.

It's the power of music therapy.

Music therapy is often used for a variety of challenges. The prerequisite for using music therapy is to ease pain by moving to a fun environment. It is, of course, different for each individual, but usually the results are the same.

If it works to reduce pain, it can also work for stress. For people who tend to come home with them or to analyze situations, music is a perfect way to reduce stress.

"Dance like no one is watching you!"

The dancing music has great benefits. You don't need to be on "Dancing with the Stars", and # 39; to dance. Dance though you are not a contest to move your body.

You can dance to music while you work around your home and make it a little chore and at the same time get an exercise that releases endorphins to give you more energy.

The next time you cook dinner or read a newspaper, turn on some music in the background. Even if you can't concentrate on the music you might notice you feel more relaxed, you might even start humming.

Put on the radio or CDs when you are driving, especially in the case of traffic and singing music. It's okay if people see you beat the bike or even jump into the music. It will make you feel good, give you more energy to succeed and it really determines stress in your body.

Music can put you in another frame of mind so you are ready for anything that can harvest during the day. If you have a nursing home, you can do the same. But make sure the music doesn't sing or it might distract you from what you are focusing on. Music also relaxes your mind and stops it from filling with negative emotions so you create relaxation instead of stress and anxiety.

People often do not feel or find time to practice so if you dance that counts as an exercise too and that is a great stress. Dancing for ten minutes in your favorite song will get your heart rate and also keep you in shape.

You have a choice of how you see stressful situations, so choose to do something that leads to pleasure and does not ruin your day. Try it and see what happens next when you feel optimistic about something.


A Native American breathing technique to calm emotions

When we perceive any situation, whether it be activity, sport, fight or anything else, it is important to be able to monitor without being emotionally alert.

When you see someone in great pain, your feelings might want to jump in so you can both good cry together – someone who cries them might help a little, but very little.

You can be more helpful if you are strong enough to lift that spirit and not allow your emotions to get in the way. It's called compassion – you put your mind in people's circumstances but just your mind while you are in a safe place and try to bring him to the same place where you are.

There are many situations in which you can allow your emotions to take over, but you would not have much help if you did. You can go through the children's room in a hospital where some children are all banded up, some might be in pain and they look at you with eyes full of hope, "Can you help me?" You look down to be helpless but even then you cannot allow your emotions to take over.

You can be more used to that child by just observing what it actually seems like trying to give it courage and reducing the fear and pain of the child.

Standing aside, you can lend help, strength and hope. Contact the person you are addressing with your own problems and ask him to intervene at this time. "If this is possible, touch this baby with healing hands and if it is within your will, please allow this baby to be free of pain and start to smile and enjoy life."

You may want to cry when you see this condition, but to help you will have to be idle. To learn how to observe without being overwhelmed with emotion, you can breathe deeply – showing that you breathe in power from high to strength.

You're not throwing your emotions, you're not tolerating them, they're still there, but you want to be strong enough to do good for yourself and others.

After you breathe in strength, the spirit desires to go apart and cry. It will not make you cold or undesirable. It will help you learn how to manage your own feelings so that you can help.

One of the most difficult things in my training was learning to respect without judgment and without getting me emotional – but that is how you can better allocate your own power in a way that really helps people.


Would you rather stress, anxiety, fear, panic or peace of mind

Do you live in a state of constant stress, anxiety, fear and panic, or do you enjoy peace of mind?

Do you allow external influences to affect your mood and peace of mind, or do you have inner strength and solutions?

Are you obsessed with terrible thoughts and concerns, or do you control your thoughts?

Too many people are worried, stressed, worried too much, dependent on their mood and do not control their thoughts and feelings. This condition causes emotional, mental and physical problems, unhappiness and failure.

The truth is, the situation can be changed. Inner peace can be developed, just like any other talent. You can gain a state of inner peace and inner strength that cannot be shaken.

Inner peace, peace of mind, is not the only property of yogis and hermes. You can also enjoy it without becoming a Yogi or a Soldier.

It is a wrong concept that matters, which states that peace of mind is conceived and can only be achieved by people who lead completely spiritual life in ashram or monastery. Some even believe that real peace of mind is illusion and cannot be achieved. These are false assumptions. Some can attain a higher level of peace and other lower levels, but everyone can achieve at least some degree of inner peace. Such peace will surely improve quality of life, health, relationships and everything else.

There are various treatments for stress, anxiety, fear and panic attacks. Some include psychological assistance, some use hypnosis and others include drug use. All these treatments include external help. There is another way to deal with these problems, which does not involve external help. It is through personal, internal work and training.

Do not be afraid of words words of internal training and work. You don't have to do impossible things. Cognitive training for peace of mind begins with very simple actions that you can take part in in your daily life. They include adjustment problems, be more positive, develop internal legislation, develop some control over the thought process and later, also some specific sources aimed at enhancing inner peace.

Stress, worries, worries, fears and panic start in the mind. They begin as thoughts that grow in strength and influence your behavior, actions and practices. Your thoughts and beliefs work like filters, screens or lenses, where you see the world on a certain path, which doesn't always show reality. Your goal is to become more aware of them and use certain methods to stop their power over you. There is no reason to go through life to be in mercy uncontrolled thoughts, feelings, worries, worries and fears.

You can change your life! You can change the state of mind! Even a little bit of inner peace would do a lot for you. Are you afraid of any effort? Can't get a few minutes to calm your mind and life, with less fear and anxiety?

& nbsp; Peace of mind in everyday life is a book that deals with this most important topic. It teaches simple and easy-to-follow progressive steps how to achieve this coveted state of inner peace, here where you are, without having to make any external changes to your life. True peace begins from the inside and is independent of external circumstances.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

# Learn to use the switch method, to change all negative thoughts, as they arise, into positive thinking. Do not fight against negative thoughts, just bring your attention to positive thoughts or spiritual images.

# Write down and keep a list of inspiring and uplifting witnesses and read them several times a day.

# Think of positive and encouraging thoughts before you fall asleep.

# Though it may not be so easy, try to keep the internal solution's attitude in dealing with difficult or unfit people. Don't take personal comments or criticism.

# Do not watch thrillers or action movies on TV before going to bed or sleeping.

# Decide how often you listen to the news on the radio or TV. Knowing what is happening in the world, but there is no need to constantly monitor news that causes stress or fear.

# Repeat positive affirmations many times a day. Do it when you feel stress or fear.

Here are some examples:

– I feel peace and quiet fill my mind and body.

– My mind is quiet, like water on a quiet summer day.

– I feel quiet relaxed and peaceful.

– I am a center of peace, slander and happiness.


You don't have to give up your lifestyle when you have stress and anxiety

When you see that you have been suffering from stress and anxiety, you might think you have to give up your whole life to deal with the issue. A quick lifestyle is a recipe for increased stress, but for some people the speed of life is essential. You don't have to give up your life to deal with stress and anxiety. There are methods you can use that fit right into your current life.

The first thing you can do is look at your plan. Write everything down to determine if there is any area where you could cut back and find time for you. Your time is very important for the treatment of stress and anxiety. Get up half an hour before to give you a little extra time during the day. That time can significantly affect your stress.

Those who work for a long time, but really enjoy their work, do not add stress to work. Many believe that if you work a lot, it automatically means that you are stressed and suffering from anxiety. This can be true, of course, but that's not always the case. Analyze your own plan and lifestyle to determine where your stress is coming from. Once you know what's causing the problem, you can take steps to eliminate stress.

You don't have to take away anything from your lifestyle to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety. For those with families, ask others in your house to receive some housework to free time. Moving work to others can help you take the time to participate in stress-free activities.

Get some exercise every day to reduce stress. Even something as simple as walking around the block can significantly reduce your anger and stress . Exercise is great for your physical health and it also gives you time just for you. Think of your exercise as something you deserve. Most of us do not take enough time for ourselves and end up emphasizing and worrying.

Find something you enjoy that can enhance your current lifestyle. If you enjoy taking spa days, take the time to indulge once. This is a wonderful relaxation activity that can melt away stress and anxiety.

Your lifestyle does not have to change because you are experiencing stress and anxiety. However, you need to find ways to take time for yourself. The time you take to relieve your stress will be rewarded by a reduction in anxiety you experience each day.


Fresh flowers are stress condensers

The word flower causes a very refreshing feeling in your mind, the thought of fresh flowers around you gives a feeling of relief from the concrete world we live in these days. The fresh flowers not only release the visual senses because of their beautiful color and design, but also lighten the sensory elements with their fragrances. These flowers are one of the greatest gifts God has given us. These flowers are used by us in many ways, they decorate rooms and offices, and they are used in interviews for ornaments and are widely used in holy dedication. A vase of fresh flowers stored in your room or in your office significantly reduces stress and gives you a very good feeling. The vision of flowers causes instant relief of someone's stress.

Flowers are available everywhere these days, you can buy flowers of all sizes and colors, even when this particular flower is not native to your country. The worldwide flower market has grown in great proportions, and to meet the needs of the market, large companies have entered this company. The flight service has incredibly helped this business as the flowers are moved from one place to another in a matter of hours. This company boasts some special days like Valentines Day, Mothers and Fathers Day, Freindship Day. Christmas time is the best time for flower business. In these days, many businesses change and become a florist so that more and more people can buy flowers.

Flowers are so common that you can easily buy them from your flower shop or you can order them online. You can also get them from a florist, which is the best way to buy them. At a flower shop you can choose a variety of flowers you want for yourself or if you buy them as a gift for someone. The amount of flowers has also become very popular as you can send the flowers directly to your loved ones anywhere in the world without going there. If you are a trader on a daily basis, you should get the flowers from a local florist close to your home or office.

The choice of flowers for yourself should be done in the right way, you should buy flowers of the colors you like and the fragrance of your choice. This fresh flower immediately boosts your energy when stored in your home or office. If you are buying flowers as a gift then you should also be aware of the same. One should always send flowers to their love when he or she is sick because the sight of flowers facilitates them from the pain they suffer from. It is a proven fact that flowers are beneficial in many diseases and are used for stress-bearing treatment. The colors and aromas of the flowers marvel at the minds of men.


How to deal with stress by changing the way you feel

We all know that stress can hurt us. But I recently learned that we might be much better at dealing with stress if we change our beliefs about what stress means. Indeed, the harm to our health may be more because we are stressed by stress than the initial stress itself.

Sounds like I'm talking in circles? Well, I just listened to the TED talk with Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal titled "How to make your stress friend." McGonigal admitted that after years of counseling on stress, she might be wrong. Stress must not be a villain we think it is.

If this sounds unexpected, McGonigal says she has "disagreed" with the idea that stress might be good. But her heart change was due to eight years of research on 300,000 people in the United States, all with different levels of stress.

The researchers asked participants how stressed they were, and whether or not they viewed stress as a health hazard. Since the eight years, the participants followed the deaths and compared the deaths with their answers to their questions.

Well, the people who were under great stress, and felt the stress was harmful, were much more likely to die prematurely. But, surprisingly, the people who had a lot or stress, but didn't think of it as harmful, had a lower death rate than the people with very little stress at all.

Heart and Stress

We've probably experienced the heart cluster and pounded when we feel overloaded. Over time, this is what contributes to great stress weighting heart disease and stroke.

However, cardiovascular stress on body of study subjects was significantly different as their attitudes to their stress were. The veins of those who thought they were struggling with stress became contractions, severely limiting their blood flow to their brain. But the covenants of people who did not believe stress were detrimental when they were under stress. Their hearts continued to race, but who hit the injured blood and oxygen they needed to face the challenge they were facing.

According to McGonigal, this ability to let stress pump more blood without narrowing the vein to the same reaction that the body experiences when we feel joy or courage. It's also what happens when we practice exercises. We need to get our heart rate to strengthen it, and a stronger heart means better health.

We experience physical stress as we lift weights, run with our kids as they learn to ride, or carry a load of groceries. And the more we do this, the more we can continue to do. We do not think about these types of stress as harmful. We must not think of them as stressful at all.

Can you change your attitude to reducing your stress on your stress?

For one thing, worried about the stress you already have, just think of unnecessary stress on top of anything else you're dealing with. So dropping concerns alone is a positive move. Understanding that your heart is waiting to help you could give you more courage, knowing that you will be strong enough to cope with stress as it comes.

We may recognize our stress as a sign of action. You might sit and love your problems, or use the stress mark to get up and try to fix them. We almost always appreciate better when we go to get it done.

We could use our stress marks to remind us to breathe deeply or meditate more. We could use it for fuel quickly, to get the blood pumping for any reason. What methods we use to address our stress now, the idea that stress may be our friend is worth considering.

In the next article, I will look at other McGonigals TED Talk sections, explaining how a particular stress hormone really keeps us in touch with each other.

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How to reduce stress by using breath

You can live without food for weeks, without water for days but without oxygen for just a few minutes! But most of us spend very little time thinking about our spirit. As Oxford University Press reminds us: "In previous years, breathing was synonymous with life itself, because the last breath was a sign of death and the departure of the soul." Similarly, in yoga, Sanskrit is the spirit of Prana, which also means viticulture.

As we move our consciousness into our spirit, we slow down and we realize our heartfelt self, our thoughts, and our feelings. Did you know that when we are under stress do some of us keep in our spirit? Other times, we just breathe very sharply. We are unconsciously stopping our vitality and causing even more stress in our bodies. If you start exercising conscious breathing (by focusing on and holding your breath) your body will relax and your mind will become more focused.

Breathing can be more than physical activity, it can be a powerful stress relief tool and a solid friend. It's always there for you. When you pay attention to it, it brings you in, away from all the outer, busy ness, and into the moment. In the book, Practice Power NOW, Eckhart Tolle suggests using the spirit as a tool to enter NOW.

Emphasis on the spirit and mind naturally slows down while the body relaxes. The "Monkey Mind" will be less hoppy. Most meditation exercises include some kind of spirit awareness, as it relaxes the body and focuses on the mind. Try the following stress reduction methods.

Useful tips:

1. Next time you are excited or confused, focus on your spirit. Notice how your breath is moving to your body (or not, if you keep your breath). Then take each inhalation and exhale, quietly, "One" on inhalation, "Two" on the breath, etc..

2. For even deeper relaxation, try counting the exhalation only.

3. To focus more, focus on the space between the spirit. The space where the breath breathes and inhalation becomes a spirit, etc.

Exercising breathing regimen regularly brings inner peace and deep relaxation. When thoughts slow down and your mind becomes clear, you can become aware of limiting your thoughts to being released, you can make room for a new thought pattern, and you can relate to insight and deep wisdom. "Breathe. Let yourself in. And remind you that this moment is just one you know you're sure of" ~ Oprah Winfrey.


Stress Management Tools for Stay at Home Moms

When I decided to stay at home mom, I showed all the good things I have imagined following the role; kiss the little teens, hear the first words and teach the art of tying shoes. I knew it was less than an enjoyable hour-long duty, but I could never fully think of the amount of work involved.

I've never sought my decision – it's a great job – but sometimes it doesn't seem to be necessary. When was I last recognized for my work, raised or offered an incentive? Besides kissing, kissing and odd thanks, there is no big endless bonus in this job. For this reason, moms need to be at home first. Of course, a sponsor is a great help, but if you look like you're happy, you'll feel happy and embarrassed by your family. Take some pressure and create a better balance in your life and you will enjoy your "work" so much more.

Embrace Nap Prison

Nap Prison is the term some mom uses to describe a home time home. We all promise it, but what isn't it? It may be up to four hours after your child's age. Keep your home wash as long as you can and make time for you. Sleep if you need it, take a cup of tea while browsing the Internet, take a long hot shower, but whatever you do … not clean!

Seek out fresh air (and sunlight if possible)

Get out at least once a day with your children. Walk in the garden, sit in the garden, build a snowman and breathe in fresh air. Vitamin D is important, especially in colder climates, so come out where the sun shines and see how it lifts your breath.

Connect with others

Social media is my savior. It allows me to stay connected with friends and family, and especially with colleagues where I don't have a water cooler to stay away. When I am looking for some adult communication, I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a medium of choice.

When kids and toddlers have passed, things become more manageable and you will find personal balance is easier to achieve. Remember to be positive and if you find yourself slipping, pull those cute pictures of the child, punch up and read with your children, embrace your partner and smile, because tomorrow is a bright new day.


3 actual methods to help you reduce stress

Designed to do anytime, anywhere!

When your thoughts go out of control, your stress pressures will be out of control. It's hard for you to breathe and your body feathers tense. By drawing your attention from your mind into the body, you can start calming your system down. This turn will help you slow down your thoughts and make you feel more relaxed.

Below are 3 easy methods proven to reduce stress. Try them all out and then commit to testing each technology for at least a week, so you can really master them. Then in the future you will have stress reduction tools that you can call at any time!

1. Breath Control – 1 minute

Standing up or sitting This is designed to help the spirit move further into the body and help you feel more relaxed. Breathe in deeply and hold your breath by 5. Breathe in full. Repeat 5 times or more. Open your eyes slowly.

2. Short meditation to soften your muscles – 1 minute

Stand up or sit This can be done anywhere. Stand in the queue, wait for a train, shower, on your table, on the couch, while waiting for someone, at the beginning or end of the meeting … – Close your eyes. – Soften your muscles around your eyes. Relax them completely. – Soften your muscles behind your eyes. Let them go completely. – Now draw your attention to your body and soften your muscles there. Relax them completely. – Now pay attention to your stomach muscles. You don't have to push them out or keep them inside.

Just release them. – Take 3 deep, relaxing breaths while keeping everything soft. – Take 30 seconds, look down, open your eyes and slowly return to the room.

3. Grounding – 2 minutes

Get up – Close your eyes – Find your center of gravity by jumping gently back and forth until you find the center where you find stability. – Feel your feet firmly planted in the ground, find the energy of the earth. – Nothing can happen to you. You can't fall. You are fully supported. – Imagine going down to the ground, which allows you to climb. You are totally supported. – Feel the Earth's energy moving up your body: in the feet, groin, abdomen, chest and head. Find it to enter every cell in your body. – Notice how strong your body is. Notice how high you feel. Notice how you're supported. Open your eyes easily.